Friday, May 11, 2012

Morgan Affair of 2012

President John Quincy Adams, letters on the Masonic Morgan Affair
Pres. John Q. Adams
As I mentioned earlier Bro. Fred Milliken wrote an interesting and disturbing article entitled Is Mainstream Masonry Primed For Another Morgan Affair? I believe that American Masonry has already entered into the Morgan Affair of 2012. It could be argued that this began as early as 2005 but it has now reached a point where people's lives are being impacted.

In 1826 William Morgan was wrongfully arrested and then kidnapped by mainstream American Freemasons. It is believed that he was also murdered by them because he was never heard from again.

The cover-up by mainstream Freemasons that followed is well recorded by historians and President John Quincy Adams. According to Adams "corporate Freemasonry" used its power and influence to strike fear in the hearts of witnesses, buy off judges, and make a mockery of the American judicial system. His letters regarding the Morgan Affair are available free online.

In 2012 one Mason has died, and multiple other Masons have been expelled by state Grand Lodges in what appears to be a massive cover-up of real estate and financial fraud. A character assassination campaign has begun, led be Grand Lodge of Maine Freemason, Edward King, in attempt to cover-up the wrongful acts of the state Grand Lodges. All of this sounds eerily similar to the events of 1826.

The Grand Orient USA, a reform group of Freemasons, has been defamed by King and Christopher Hodapp, the author of Freemasons for Dummies. Misleading and false information is being published to discredit the reformers while others continue to loot the fraternity of its assets.

The above post to the Freemasons for Dummies blog, run by Mr. Hodapp. is example of the misinformation campaign. In the post Mr. Accuosti states that mainstream Freemasons are not interfering with the Grand Orient USA's attempts at reform, while at the same time he is well aware that Ed King is publishing massive character assassination and defamation web pages related to the group and its leadership. His statement is at best disingenuous and at worst indicates his own personal involvement in the affair.

What kind of reforms is the Grand Orient bringing to American Freemasonry?
  1. Financial accountability
  2. The recognition of women as Freemasons
  3. The creation of mixed-gender and all female lodges in addition to the existing male only lodges
  4. Abolished blood curdling oaths and fanatical obligations
  5. Returning Freemasonry to a moral, responsible civic organization
Who would be opposed to these reforms and why? 

Good men and Freemasons are being attacked for speaking out about the corruption in mainstream American Freemasonry. Character assassination and misinformation are being used in an attempted cover-up. Will American Freemasonry survive the Morgan Affair of 2012?

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