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Every mystic movement has its legend, which tells in symbolic language its status in the cosmic order and the ideal which it tries to realize. From the Old Testament, containing the Atlantean Mystery teaching, we learn that mankind was created male-female, bi-sexual, and that each one was capable of propagating his species without the co-operation of another as is the case with some plants today. Later on, we are informed, Jehovah removed one pole of the creative force from ADAM, the early humanity, and that there were henceforth two sexes. The esoteric teaching supplements this information by stating that the purpose of this change was to use one pole of the creative force for the building of a brain and larynx wherewith mankind might acquire knowledge and express itself in speech. The intimate connection between the organs, brain, larynx and genitals is evident to anyone upon the slightest examination of facts. The boy's voice changing at puberty, the mental deficiency resulting from over-indulgence of the passional nature, and the inarticulate speech of the mentally defective with many other facts which might be added prove this assertion.

According to the Bible, our earliest parents were forbidden to eat of THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, but Eve, seduced by the serpent, did eat and later induced the man to follow her example. Who the serpents are and what the Tree of Knowledge is may also be determined from certain passages in the Bible. We are told, for instance, that Christ exhorted his disciples to be "wise as serpents and harmless as doves." The so-called curse pronounced upon Eve after her confession declares that she must bear her children in sorrow and pain and that the race will die. It has always been a great stumbling block to Bible commentators as to what connection there could be between the eating of an apple, death, and painful parturition; but when we are acquainted with the chaste expressions of the Bible, which designates the creative act by such passages as "Adam KNEW Eve and she bore Abel," "How can I bear a child seeing I KNOW not a man?" et cetera, it is very evident that the Tree of Knowledge is a symbolical expression for the creative act. Then it is plain that the serpents taught Eve how to perform the creative act and that Eve instructed Adam. Therefore, Christ designated the serpents as harmful while admitting their wisdom. To get at the identity of the serpent it is necessary to invoke the esoteric teaching, which points them out as the martial Lucifer Spirits, rulers of the serpentine sign Scorpio. Their Initiates, even so late as the Egyptian Dynasty, wore the URAEUS or serpent symbol in the forehead as a sign of the source of their wisdom.

As a consequence of this unauthorized use of the creative force, humanity ceased to be ethereal and crystallized into the COATS OF SKIN or physical body which now hides from them the gods who dwell in the invisible realms; and great was their sorrow at this loss.

GENERATION had been originally established by the Angels under Jehovah. It was then performed in great temples under propitious planetary conditions and parturition was then painless, as it is today among wild animals where the creative function is not abused for the purpose of gratifying the senses.

DEGENERATION resulted from the ignorant and unauthorized abuse inaugurated by the Lucifer Spirits.

REGENERATION must be undertaken in order to restore man to his lost estate as a spiritual being and to free him from this body of death wherein he is now encrusted. Death must be swallowed up in Immortality.

To attain this object, a covenant was made with humanity when it was expelled from the garden of God to wander in the wilderness of the world. According to that plan, a Tabernacle was built after a pattern planned by God, Jehovah, and an ark symbolical of the human spirit was placed in it. Its staves were never taken out of their place, to show that man is a pilgrim on the earth and may never rest until he reaches the goal. There was within it a golden pot with "MANNA" (man) "FALLEN FROM HEAVEN," together with a statement of the divine laws which man must learn in his pilgrimage through the wilderness of matter. This symbolic ark contained also a magic wand, an emblem of the spiritual powers, called AARON'S ROD, which are now latent in everyone on his way to the haven of rest--the mystic temple of Solomon. The Old Testament also tells how humanity was miraculously led and provided for, how after the warfare with the world it was given peace and prosperity by the before mentioned King Solomon; in short, stripped of all embellishments the story relates the salient facts of man's descent from heaven, his principal metamorphoses, his transgression of the laws of the God Jehovah would wish to guide him in the future till he reaches the Kingdom of Heaven- -the land of peace--and again docilely follows the lead of the Divine Ruler.

THE MASONIC LEGEND has points of variance from as well as agreement with the Bible story. It states that Jehovah created EVE, that the Lucifer Spirit SAMAEL united with her but that he was ousted by Jehovah and forced to leave her before the birth of her son Cain, who was thus THE SON OF A WIDOW. Then Jehovah created ADAM, to be the husband of Eve, and from their union Abel was born. Thus from the beginning there have been two kinds of people in the world. One begotten by the Lucifer Spirit Samael and partaking of a semi-divine nature imbued with the dynamic martial energy inherited from this divine ancestry, is aggressive, progressive, and possessed of great initiative, but impatient of restraint or authority whether human or divine. This class is loath to take things on faith and prone to prove all things by the light of reason. These people BELIEVE IN WORKS rather than faith, and by their dauntless courage and inexhaustible energy they have transformed the trackless wilderness of the world to a garden full of life and beauty, so lovely in fact that THE SONS OF CAIN have forgotten the garden of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, whence they were expelled by the decree of the lunar God Jehovah. Against Him they are in constant rebellion because He has tied them by THE UMBILICAL "CABLE TOW." They have lost their spiritual sight and are imprisoned in the forehead of the body where it is said Cain was marked; they must wander as prodigal sons in the comparative darkness of the material world, oblivious to their high and noble estate until they find the door of the temple, and ask and receive LIGHT; then as "PHREE MESSEN" or children of light they are instructed in methods of building a new temple without sound of hammer, and when the spirit realizes that it is far from its heavenly home, a prodigal, feeding upon the unsatisfactory husks of the material world, that apart from the Father it is "POOR, NAKED AND BLIND," when it knocks at the door of a mystic temple like that of the Rosicrucians and asks for light, when it receives the desired instruction after due qualification by building and ethereal soul-body, a temple or house eternal in the heavens, not made with hands, and without sound of hammer, when its nakedness is clothed with that house (see Cor. 4.5,) then the neophyte receives "THE WORD," the open sesame to the inner worlds and learns to travel in foreign parts in the invisible worlds. There he takes soul-flights into heavenly regions and qualifies for higher degrees under more direct instruction from THE GRAND ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE, who fashioned both heaven and earth.

Such is the temperament of THE WIDOW'S SONS inherited from their divine progenitor Samael and given by him to their ancestor Cain. Their past history is a struggle with adverse conditions, their achievement is victory wrested from all opposing forces by indomitable courage and persistent effort, unchecked by temporary defeat.

On the other hand while Cain, governed by divine ambition, toiled and tilled the soil to make two blades of grass grow where there was only one, ABEL, THE HUMAN PROGENY OF HUMAN PARENTS, felt no urge or unrest, himself a creature of Jehovah through Adam and Eve; he was perfectly contented to tend the flocks also created by God and to accept a livelihood from their divinely begotten increase without labor or exercising initiative. This docile attitude was most pleasing to the God Jehovah, who was extremely jealous of His prerogative as Creator. Therefore He cordially accepted the offering of Abel obtained without effort or initiative, but scorned the offering of Cain because derived through his own divine creative instinct akin to that of Jehovah. Cain then slew Abel, but did not thereby exterminate the docile creatures of Jehovah, for we are told ADAM KNEW EVE AGAIN AND SHE BORE SETH. Seth had the same characteristics as Abel and transmitted them to his descendants, who to this day, continue to trust to the Lord for everything, and WHO LIVE BY FAITH AND NOT BY WORK. By arduous and energetic application to the world's work the Sons of Cain have acquired worldly wisdom and temporal power. They have been captains of industry and masters of STATECRAFT, while the Sons of Seth, looking to the Lord for guidance, have become the avenue for divine and spiritual wisdom. They constitute the PRIESTCRAFT. The animosity of Cain and Abel has been perpetuated from generation to generation among their respective descendants. Nor could it be otherwise, because one class as temporal rulers aim to lift humanity to physical well-being through conquest of the material world, while the Priesthood is their role as spiritual guides urge their followers to forsake the wicked world, the vale of tears, and look to God for comfort. One school aims to turn out MASTER workmen, skilled in the use of tools wherewith they may wrest a livelihood from the earth, which was cursed by their divine adversary Jehovah. The other produces MASTER MAGICIANS, skilled in the use of the tongue in invocation, and by the use of the tongue they gain support from the toilers here and pray themselves and their charges into heaven hereafter.

After the future in store for the Sons of Cain and their followers, the temple legend is also most eloquent. It states that from Cain descended Methuselah, who invented writing, Tubal Cain, a cunning worker in metals, and Jubal, who originated music. In short, THE SONS OF CAIN ARE THE ORIGINATORS OF THE ARTS AND CRAFTS. Therefore when Jehovah chose Solomon, the scion of the race of Seth, to build a house for his name, the sublime spirituality of a long line of divinely guided ancestors flowered into the conception of the magnificent temple called Solomon's Temple, though Solomon has only the instrument to carry out the divine plan revealed by Jehovah to David. But Solomon was unable to execute the divine design in concrete form. Therefore it became necessary for him to apply to King Hiram of Tyre, the descendent of Cain, who selected HIRAM ABIFF, THE SON OF A WIDOW, (as all Free Masons are called because of the relation of their divine progenitor with Eve.) Hiram Abiff then became Grand Master of the army of construction. In him the arts and crafts of all the Sons of Cain who had gone before had flowered. He was skilled beyond all others in the work of the world, without which the plan of Jehovah must have remained forever a divine dream, and could never have become a concrete reality. The worldly acumen of the Sons of Cain was as necessary to the completion of this temple as the spiritual conception of the Sons of Seth, and, therefore, during the period of construction the two classes joined forces, the underlying enmity being hidden under a superficial show of amity. It was, indeed, the first attempt to unite them, and had that been accomplished the world history from then on would have been altered in a very material manner.

The Sons of Cain, descended from the fiery Lucifer Spirits, were naturally proficient in the use of FIRE. By it the metals hoarded by Solomon and his ancestors were melted into altars, lavers and vessels of various kinds. Pillars were fashioned by workmen under the direction of Hiram Abiff, and arches to rest upon them. The great edifice was nearing completion when he made ready to cast the "molten sea," which was to be the crowning effort, his masterpiece. It was in the construction of this great work that the treachery of the Sons of Seth became manifest and frustrated the divine plan of reconciliation. They tried to quench the fire used by Hiram Abiff with their natural weapon, WATER, and almost succeeded.



The noblest tool of the Mason is his mind, but its value is measured by the use made of it. Thoughtful in all things, the aspiring candidate to divine wisdom attains reality in sincere desire, in meditation, and in silence. Let the keynote of the Craft, and of the Ritual, be written in blazing letters: THINK OF ME. What is the meaning of this mystic maze of symbols, rites and rituals? THINK! What does life mean, with the criss-crossings of human relationship, the endless pageantry of qualities masqueradin g in a carnival of fools? THINK! What is the plan behind it all, and who the planner? Where dwells the Great Architect, and what is the tracing board upon which he designs? THINK! What is the human soul, and why the endless yearning to ends unknown, along pathways where each must wander unaccompanied? Why mind, why soul, why spirit, and in truth, why anything? THINK! Is there an answer? If so, where will the truth be found? Think, Brothers o f the Craft, think deeply; for if truth exists, you have it, and if truth be within the reach of living creature, what other goal is worth the struggle?

Is this "link" to Albert Pike one reason Freemasonry gets a bad rap?

The creation of Israel was never an end in itself. It has always been a means to an end. All along, the plan has been to target the Islamic world to trigger a global war that would set the world ablaze and lead to the 'solution' of centralised control of the planet and all its peoples. To do that they needed to create a point of conflict, a power keg, among the Arab countries that could be exploded to start another global conflict. This is the real reason for the creation of Israel and the real reason why the United States has spent its billions building up Israel's might and military.

Albert Pike, a Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and Illuminati to the core, is alleged to have written a letter in 1871 to an infamous Illuminati operative, Guissepe Mazzini, in which he outlined the three world wars that would lead to global domination.

The first war, he is supposed to have written, would overthrow the Czars in Russia through a conflict between the British and Germanic Empires; and the second would lead to political Zionism being strong enough to install a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. Now there are many who say the letter never existed, but what is interesting, in the light of current events, is what he is supposed to have said about World War Three:

'The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile, the other nations, once more divided on this issue, will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion ...We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.'

Source: Cmdr.William Guy Carr, former Intelligence Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, quoted in Satan: Prince of This World.

If Pike did not write that, then the faker was some prophet. The Illuminati agenda all along has been to create so much war, conflict and upheaval of every kind that the people agree to be ruled by a centralised global dictatorship to 'solve the problems' these perceived 'saviours' have actually created. It is the technique I have dubbed Problem-Reaction-Solution. You covertly create the problem and then overtly offer the solution ... the change you want to impose on the world.

David Icke
The spreading of this type of material can spurn much hatred towards the group he belonged to and fuel ignorant hatred towards all Freemasons.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Globe allegory

The Sun and Moon with all the firmament appeared first. They stood still, a colour indeed they had, but gave no light. Beneath them also there appeared the Globe of the Earth having a colour. In whose centre there was a little globe of most white and shining colour like snow. While I beheld all these, there was made a most horrible thunder with a great noise and fiery flash, which much affrightened me. A great cloud came also, which going away a start was seen above the Sun, Moon and firmament, whose shining was so bright, that I could not fix my eye upon it, with its redness it exceeded the redness of the Sun. As soon as ever this Star appeared the whole firmament with the Sun and Moon began to run their race and dance. In the meantime the said Star darted fiery rays from above, through the exterior firmament. Of which sometimes more, sometimes fewer, some also by halves were carried upon the Globe, but the little globe received the smallest part of these rays. Those rays whose halves only entered the Globe, moved the waters, that they might flow, and fish might be seen in them. The other rays made the great Globe begin to live, and bring forth all sorts of trees and fruits, and which also animals and men did walk. But the part of the rays which entered into the small globe, so moved it, that it began to boil like water in a pot, and dispersed out of itself a white clear and pure vapour in the form of a Star even unto the root of the trees and herbs. Then out of this globe or white shining star there began, but yet slowly enough to grow all sorts of trees and herbs, and tended towards the circumference of the globe, and when they almost attained to it; behold, two white stoney Mountains arose and were opened out of each end of the globe. In the meantime I saw the herbs and trees continually go forward in their growth that the Mountain at length bore flowers of all sorts and colours which again were shut and changed into red, yellow, green and white knots. The knots of the Mountain on the right hand were small and transparent, but those on the left greater, but not transparent. In the meantime the superior and greater Star sent continually out more Rays, by the benefit of which more herbs and trees always grew. At last a voice was heard crying out this clearly and aloud, "Blessed be God, who created this Star. This shall be called always the star of Wisdom and the eternal light".

[ End of first part - then follow a number of folios of questions and answers in interpreting this vision]
While I was running all this over in my mind, and have harkened to a chiding long enough, I seemed to stand on sharp thorns and stones, and while I contemplated this vision in a deep valley, I took notice of some noise behind me such a one as one clothed in a silken garment used to make by the rustling of his clothes, when I therefore looked about me, Behold, there appeared a certain grey-haired man, who had let his beard grow down as low as his girdle, arrayed in a long black garment, carrying in one hand a pair of compasses, and in the other a square or a rule, who passed silently by, and hastened to the Globe, whose tallness more and more increased, so that he by half the height of his body exceeded the Globe higher than a high house, and with his head reached even to the Sun.
This old man having set his compasses on the centre measured the globe about, that it might be made equally round, then having set his compass on the square, he said "Multiplication has been three times made in it". Afterwards he again placed the compasses on the height of the Globe, and took the measure of it even up to the firmanent, and from the firmament up to the highest Starr, and crying out with a great fearful outcry, he broke forth in these words "This is one of the four cut off by three". He afterwards drew two lines from the highest Star to the Globe, which another drawn a new Globe, white, transparent and resembling the greeness of an Emerald, with a Sun transparent and more clear than ordinary, and the whole firmament, but no burning about as yet being observed. Hence the old man crying out said "Praised be God, that at length malice is oppressed, and truth made manifest. Rejoice ye Sons of Light that an end of Darkness is made. The Sun shall set no more, but shine to you forever, nor shall it ever be obscured from you", who having so said disappeared.

To this revelation my principal adding a conclusion said "You must take great care of this figure, because in it the signification of your work is contained. In this figure I say there lies hid the secret of all secrets, as well concerning natural as supernatural things, which surpass mans understanding. Yet if you shall be honest and godly and place your confidence in God you shall get all these".

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Goal of Philosophy

Today is the hope of the world. Here and now we are welding that great chain of Tomorrows which extends from the instant to infinity. We live not for ourselves alone but for all futurity. Our accomplishments survive us, for long after we have descended into the earth the orders which we have established shall dominate the activities of men. The world is an ancestral shrine filled with the mortuary tablets of the honored dead. We bow before our illustrious progenitors. We are the substance of their aspirations, the consummation of their dreams, for Today is the focal point of Time. We are all that has been about to be projected into all that shall be. Each human soul holds Eternity in suspension. Recognizing this truth, several modern scientists have formulated the theory that immortality is achieved through a succession of lives -- that the father achieves immortality in his son, the son in his progeny, and so on to the end of generation. The torch of life which each expiring personality hands on to another does not go out; it is immortal, but he who bears it must perish by the way. Men are but incidents in the flow of life, yet they have a strange power; for while they cannot cause the vital flame to blaze up from nothing-ness, they are empowered to snuff it out, and when generations cease the countless ages die together.

To be is to be immortal, for that which has been can never utterly cease. The past hovers like a mirage in the air. Men feel its presence; they breathe it in and, enveloped by it, live their little Now. Upon the surface of their polished mirrors, the ancient Magi caught faint visions of forgotten times. Within the next century we shall discover that history is written in the air; that so-called space itself is photographic, preserving, as on a sensitized place, the varied activities of created things. Egypt as a physical empire has long crumbled into dust, but upon each minute particle of the atmosphere the glory of ancient Egypt is preserved for all time to be. Men speak words and these words seemingly vanish into nothing-ness, but in the living substances of the
universe these selfsame words are traced in everlasting characters to be read in some distant time by men as yet unborn. Thoughts unuttered are not wholly lost nor do dreams perish because their dreamer dares not give them speech. Somewhere in the infinite vistas of space, impressed as it were upon the memory of the Infinite and sharing together a common immortality, all aspirations, all visions, and all deeds await the day when men with unfolding reason will bind all time into a common Now.

In his experiments with plants, the late Luther Burbank found substantiation for the scientific concept of immortality through progeny. The doctrine of natural salvation, as it is called, was demonstrated to Burbank through phenomena arising from the cross-pollination of plants. For example, Burbank pollenized a variety of plants bearing white flowers with another variety bearing colored flowers, and as a result secured plants some of which were wholly white, others wholly colored, and still others of mixed appearance. Taking a white plant from this cross-pollenization test, Burbank pollenized it with another white plant, the result being a number of new plants all white. Taking one of the latter, he again pollenized it with white and the result was again white. This experiment was repeated ten times. In every case the flowers were entirely white, but the eleventh time several blossoms reverted back to the original colored plant, thereby proving that, though latent for a considerable period, the elements of the first cross-pollination survived to reappear again. The original colored shrub had died long before its activities reappeared among the white blossoms, but Burbank recognized in this phenomena the immortality of the colored flower which was reborn again in its own progeny.

To Burbank, man was but a human plant, and the great horticulturist solved the philosophic problem of his life by observing the habits of the growing things in his garden. If after the lapse of ten pollenizations the identity of a distant progenitor was re-established, was it not reasonable to assume that men are born again to blossom forth in their descendants? Is not immortality the carrying forward of a primitive trace and is not the urge which we feel within ourselves the voice of some ancestral impulse? For the physical thinker, to whom the invisible universe is simply a vast mechanism and spirit an unnecessary hypothesis, there can be no immortality other than that which is carried in the seed. How small a germ man springs from, yet how much that germ contains; for in each wriggling sperm is the man with character, personality, and individuality. From so slight a beginning, what great issues come; for in the single tiny germ are contained not only the epitome of all the past but also all the greatness that is to follow.

The philosopher takes issue with the scientist not as to the accuracy of the conclusion but rather as to the field to which the conclusion is applied. A fact is a fact, but for lack of clarification may often seem half a lie. Recognizing only the physical universe, the savant limits all his premises to physical concerns, with the result that his discoveries are rendered of little value by false emphasis. If man were actually a body, then physical immortality would be his hope and he would indeed survive in his progeny. But since man is not a physical body, the laws controlling the body are powerless over the intangible essence which resides within its innermost parts. Indwelling spirit is not to be measured wholly by its outer form. Body has hands and feet but spirit has not need of such appendages except when functioning in the physical world. Body has parts and dimensions but spirit is impartible and dimensionless. Thus, while the laws of physical generation produce the actual phenomena so carefully classified by Burbank, it does not necessarily follow that spirit, which is not material, is dependent upon generation for its survival. It is obvious that spirit depends upon generation for its manifestation in form, but such manifestation is merely a phase in the condition of spirit.

Heredity is limited to the sphere of generation; it is of the accidents and not the essence in man. Thus, while men may inherit physical tendencies -- even physical attitudes and, under some conditions, physical thoughts -- this shell of personality is soulless until he animates it with his own immortal principle and gradually shapes it into an appropriate destiny. Heredity only controls such as are incapable of controlling themselves. Steeped in the vibration of its previous states, the stuff from which bodies are made comes to each incarnating soul. The life into whose vehicles it was formerly incorporated set the minute atoms whirling at a definite speed and imprinted upon each of them its own purposes and characteristics. The child coming into the world must, therefore, battle with these strange vibrations, reorganizing the substances of its bodies into individual vehicles by overcoming the motion of past agencies and revibrating the electrons according to its own needs. To a far greater extent than man is the plant a victim of circumstances. To escape its environment, the plant must either die or trust to the unlikelihood of some gardener transplanting it to a more ideal habitat. Man, however, if his surroundings be incongenial, may move at will to an environment more propitious to his destiny.

The analogy may be projected into the invisible structures of both plants and men. The evolving plant life is still working through a vehicle too low in its organic quality to respond to the impulses of the inner agent. While man is empowered to resist the impulses of heredity as these incline his physical body in one direction or another, the plant must abide by the dictates of its formal part. The fallibility of the law of heredity has already been proved and additional evidence of its inaccuracy will be accumulated as evolving man takes more of his destiny into his own hands and relies less upon the elements of chance and environment. As the stars impel yet do not compel, so man's hereditary impulses traced upon the fabric of his atomic nature urge him to follow in the old accustomed way. The self, however, declares otherwise and one by one the impediments of heredity are overcome by the onward march of consciousness towards perfection.

Whereas science fights to maintain the dignity of form and the supremacy of matter throughout the universe, philosophy would establish the excellence of life and the rulership of all creation by its rational part. If we come to worship matter and elevate the physical universe to first place among the spheres, we can never hope to establish well-being in the nature of men or fellowship among the nations of the earth. The premise of material supremacy is wholly destructive of the moral sense and reduces ethics to a superstition and aesthetics to an artist's vagaries. All that is beautiful is thus sacrificed in the defense of a premise and the sovereign good is martyr to a notion. More cruel than Moloch even is the God of the materialist, for man will feed whole nations into the maw of greed. To remedy a condition, we must discover its cause. Man's boast of a godless age is his undoing, for he who destroys the concept of Deity destroys with it the sufficiency of his own internal nature. In his pride that he is now able to govern the universe unaided, the twentieth-century thinker has given the divinities on high Olympus notice to gather up their belongings and depart. The gods have obliged him. Their thrones are empty; they have left for some other sphere where mortals are less vain. But man is still unhappy. His boasted knowledge has brought him doubt, doubt terror, and terror has sapped away his strength. Afraid that his worst conclusions may yet be true, the materialist clings to his little ball of dirt, shuddering in anticipation of that day when he will be hurled therefrom into the abyss he himself has postulated. The soulless universe that his mind has declared, the heart of the thinker cannot accept. How strangely fickle is the mind that first from pure imaginings fashions a universal order and then, dissatisfied with the fabric it has spun, convicts High Heaven of its manmade inconsistencies!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Prince Hall Fish Fry

I attended a Prince Hall Fish Fry put on by Eureka #52 on Saturday. It started around 11:00am and ran until 5:00pm. I showed up early and gave a hand any way they needed. I talked with new masons as well as old masons. We had discussions ranging from "Why one GL recognizes Prince Halls and another won't." The power structure and similarity between the The Church/Vatican and the Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite. Authority given to individuals over a vast majority. The unity between Lodges and the genuine care and love for the candidates of the other Lodges. The candidates come through as a class, and a degree team does the raising, so men from one Lodge will get to know incoming MM's from the other Lodges. If a candidate is not ready to progress, he will be held back. Also, if an officer is not ready to move forward, he will not progress and might even be dropped. In my Lodge, it is an express way to the east. We talked about how officers must do required tasks within the lesture. By the time a man goes to the east, he has already done both both the EA and FC from the east prior to being elected.
The fish fry brought in many members from the Blue Lodges as well as many OES. There was a good contingency of young women involved with the OES as well as many young MM's. I did not see any candidates there, and I was told they really do not get to participate in functions until fully vested in the fraternity. Could make one hungry to learn their stuff. One brother offered to come to our Lodge to do an educational piece on The Sprig of Accacia.
I was there until 5:00pm, had a few beers, some perch and learned howed to play competative dominoes. It was excellent to have fellowship with masons who have a different history and evolution of their craft. The manner in which the due guards and signs given are slightly different, but the same. Many brothers want to come to our lodge and show support and help out if needed. I hope we can have a regular masonic relationship with the four blue lodges whether travelling to their lodge or they travelling to ours.
I hope the wonderful bonds of masonry that is forming between my brothers and the Prince Halls will finally make its way to the 10 GL's that still refuse to recognize. I'm not totally sure as to how and why MM's can get away with what one would seem to be a direct violation of UGLE's code of recognition? I also thought masons did not discriminate by race or religion? How is it in the 21st century that grown, educated men still discriminate by color? The men who are supposed to lead the lesser informed down the path of enlightenment, can't see past the color of anothers skin? When, brothers will a stand be taken? When, brothers, will ALL GL's lead by example and honor their own tenets? When will ALL the GL's walk the walk instead of talking the talk?

Friday, July 21, 2006

My Third Prince Hall Visitation For Degree's and Fellowship

Last night myself and two other brethren attended a Prince Hall FC Degree. The night was again a phenomenal masonic experience. The Brotherhood shown between all the Brothers of 4 different Prince Hall Lodges comming together to do ritual on multiple candidates representing the 4 lodges is beautiful. Seeing men from one Blue Lodge caring about the candidates masonic experience from other Blue Lodges was refreshing. In my GL system, majority of men are possesive and want to hord and train their candidates and keep them in a box.
My first two experiences were in MM degrees and it was the most exciting and meaningful MM degrees I have been apart of. I was lucky enough to be on the fellowcraft team one time and a steward another. Last night for the FC degree, I was able to sit back and watch. The ritual is almost letter for letter the same, except for a little more religious undertone to their in their opening and closing with song and prayer. No biggie to me. But the lecture had more in it, more explainations of symbols and I, a PM, was more educated in that lecture than in any regular Blue Lodge I have attended or been apart of. It was a beautiful nite with great fellowship and livations afterwards. We are striking up great bonds with these brethren, and letting them know we, as young progressive masons, will not tolerate racism from any GL system and feel our own GL should step up to the plate and put pressure on the backwards, 18th century, southern masons who discriminate by color?
I always thought recognition was structured by UGLE. Meaning, if UGLE recognizes a particular masonic body, then by code, we should recognize any body that UGLE recognizes, period. I do not understand how GL's can circumvent that code? I do not understand the lack of integrity by other GL's not to put pressure on the few rogue GL's who are in violation of UGLE's mandated codes?
One day my GL might man up and take a stand and make all the non racist young masons proud of their "leaders" and represent the true meaning of masonry and put a stop to INTOLERANCE!
Any Brothers out there who have not attended a prince hall ritual, I advise you to do so. Strike up relations with these gentlemen. The fraternity can only get better and stronger by spreading Universal Brotherhood under the All Seeing Eye of a Deity.
Bothers, please lets all move forward and wake up to the wrongness of racial segregation, and unite as One Brotherhood!
Plus you may learn a few things about masonry visiting a prince hall lodge!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Interview with Sol

[Copyright 1987 by Robert J. Nemiroff]

Interview with Sol

Mornings just wouldn't be the same without him. He really does light up our life. But did we ever thank him, even once? No, never. We should consider ourselves lucky that he doesn't get overheated. Astronomy Magazine thus decided to thank that wonderful star of ours, Sol, for all those billions of years of free sunlight; tax free sunlight. We also thanked him for that really great gravitational field of his that keeps us from cavorting around the galaxy. To our surprise he granted us an exclusive interview. We found out that being a star isn't always sunshine.

Astronomy Magazine: Mr. Sun, how did you become a star?
Sol, our Sun: Please, call me Sol. I answered an ad. "Galaxy Now Forming, Stars Needed." The ad made it look real easy. Just sit around, make hydrogen into helium. Have everyone look up to you. Have a career where you can really shine. And I always thought I had what it took to be a star, you know. I was young, I had great big clouds of hydrogen.

The actual triggering event was the tragic death of a star right in our own neighborhood. This shocked me and a lot of other large young gas regions into several new stages of development. It totally changed our future. Ironically, many of us eventually decided we wanted to become stars ourselves.

AM: Your future must be very bright.
Sol: Well it's not so easy being a star. First of all, you have to be made of the right stuff. And not only spunk and perseverance, also 75% hydrogen and 25% helium. But I have all that. It's the work schedule that's really impossible. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you really can't take a day off without people getting annoyed.

AM: Are there a special class you had to be part of?
Sol: Yes, luminosity class. I, of course, wanted to be in the first class, but it turned out that was only for the brightest super-stars: the industry giants. It turns out I was put at the bottom. Class five. The other classes all made fun of us. "Dwarf stars" they would call us.

AM: How did you do in your spectral studies?
Sol: Not very well. I wasn't in the hottest class there either. I thought I had "A" potential, but after a while I was afraid they would give me an "F". But it even got worse: "F" wasn't low enough for me. I got a "G". Oh, I felt bad for a while, I went through a real solar minimum. But soon I found out lots of stars get "G's"; or even lower. Turns out "G's" out-number "A's" 30 to 1.

AM: Are you happy with your home galaxy: the Milky Way?
Sol: Well, when I signed on, I though we were going places. I thought we would take on the universe, as a team. Adventure, action, 100 billion stars, all together in one galactic union. Now that, I thought, was power. But all we ever do is go in circles. I've been around the center 60 times or so, it's no big deal. Spiral arms - one millennium your in them - the next your out - they're fickle. The Andromeda galaxy is really no better; it's the same story there. Now the Virgo Cluster - that's where all the local action turned out to be.

I mean the Milky Way is OK and everything. It's a little dusty, I guess, but at least it's stable. We haven't been disrupted by any other galaxies or anything. We even have our little groupies: the Magellanic Clouds, galaxies like that. It's home.

AM: When did you decide to have planets?
Sol: Very early in life, although I'm not exactly sure when - that part of my life was very nebulous. I didn't really plan to have planets because I never had a steady companion. They just sort of spun off of my care-free early life style.

AM: Do you have trouble keeping the planets in line?
Sol: I'll say. I thought it would be easy - I'm hundreds of times bigger than they are. Have some planets, they said, they won't perturb you much. But they're running rings around me. Mercury won't keep to a Newtonian orbit - the darn things' precessing all over the place. Uranus fell over. Jupiter's getting all spotty. Saturn has ring-around-the-collar. And Earth: please turn down your radio; the emission is much too loud, the other planets are complaining.

AM: Do you have any complaints?
Sol: Well, there is one: privacy. I know that when you become a star you give up a lot of personal privacy. But what happened was ridiculous. There are people looking at me at all times of the day. And they're not just looking, they're using telescopes. Big telescopes. They look at my back, my front; no place is sacred. Privacy is really a problem.

And sometimes I break out in those unsightly sunspots. You know, those dark magnetic depressions. You would hope they would look the other way, save me some embarrassment. No way. They take pictures. It's incredible. I break out in sunspots and next thing I know I'm on the cover of Astronomy Magazine or something.

And you know what really gets me. Sometimes I can't help myself. Sometimes I accidentally let go of a little gas. It's natural, it happens to everybody. "Solar Flares" they call it. They make movies of it. They tell their friends. Soon everyone is watching. I'm so embarrassed.

AM: This bothers you?
Sol: Oh yeah. Sometimes I get little mad. I think of implementing a little photon tax. Not much, just a penny or two per photon, or something like that. Just to let you know I'm here. Get a little respect once in a while. I could go on strike, you know. A few months without sunshine and you people would ante-up.

AM: How do you get along with the other stars in the solar neighborhood?
Sol: Pretty well. I don't interact with them as much as I used to. Sometimes we joke around, throw some snowballs at each other. But I'll tell you though, they're not happy with the privacy situation either. They claim that when you guys aren't looking at me during the day, you're looking at them at night. And with even bigger telescopes. Don't you ever stop?

AM: What's in the future for you?
Sol: Well, I'm not really so unhappy with my present job. It's a steady gig. Maybe in a few billion years I'll apply for Red Giant status. I don't have the helium yet. That's the key to being a good Red Giant - helium. But I'm saving up what I have. I'll get there. After that I'll probably just retire. Fade away slowly. Nothing like Brutus - he was crazy.

AM: We would like to thank you for all those years of warmth and sunlight. I think I speak for the whole planet when I say we're really grateful. Is there anything you wish to request of the people of earth?
Sol: Yes. Batteries. This fusion stuff is not going to last forever. Please send me 200 billion batteries. Didn't you people read the instruction manual? Size "Double D". And not those cheapies you find on sale.

Also a neutrino generator. One of mine seems to be on the blink.

by Robert J. Nemiroff
Appeared in Astronomy Magazine, 1988, Volume 16, Section 2, Page 104

Monday, July 17, 2006

Ancient Masons

The ancient Masons, or Magi, specialized in acquiring knowledge that would enable
man to live to his highest and make the most rapid spiritual progress. The information
thus gained they passed on to posterity in the language of universal symbolism. In
particular they emphasized these four things:
1. That the soul survives physical death and sometimes communicates with those
still in the flesh. Also that man has faculties by which, while still on earth, he can
explore the inner plane where later he will dwell and prove for himself that
personality survives physical death.
They left instructions for the cultivation of such faculties, and for their use in
acquiring information. The Brotherhood of Light ESP Research Department is
engaged in ascertaining the details of the safest and most effective method of
employing these faculties.
2. That energies from the planets exert an influence over human life and destiny.
The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department is engaged in acquiring
as complete a knowledge as possible of these planetary influences, and of the precise
manner in which they influence human life.
3. That love is a powerful constructive agent. The basic vibratory level on which an
individual functions, now or in the hereafter, is determined by his own dominant
vibratory rate. This dominant vibratory rate is determined by his governing mood, or
Cold asceticism, intellectual activity, and disregard of the welfare of others cultivate
a dominant vibratory rate which enables the individual to contact only lower astral
levels. Family life, including the unselfish affections of parents for children,
provides opportunity for cultivating a high dominant vibratory rate, through which
alone upper astral levels or spiritual realms can be contacted.
Selfishness is the most unprofitable of all things. It chains the individual, until he
replaces it with love, to the animal levels of existence. Feelings engendered by
parenthood, by caring for the weak and helpless, by harmonious marriage, and by
eagerness to contribute to Universal Welfare, raise the basic vibratory rate, and this
alone permits spiritual progress.
4. That thought is a powerful influence to shape human life and destiny. The
Brotherhood of Light Control of Life Research Department is engaged in
determining the most effective way of handling thoughts, feelings and planetary
energies to the end of controlling life and destiny.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bold Move Made By Freemasons!

> Dear MW Sirs, RW Sirs, VW Sirs, Worshipful Sirs and Bretren,
> Please allow us to post in your website the Declaration of Independence of
> the two Masonic Districts comprising of nine Lodges of the Most Worshipful
> Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines, to wit:
> >
> WE, the officers and members of the Masonic Blue Lodges herein
> jointly assembled, do hereby DECLARE that: >
> Freemasonry is, and has always been, a progressive science whose
> growth, throughout the ages, has been borne on the wings of change. From
> its inception in the early 17th century, the Fraternity has spread and in
> the unrelenting pursuit of light, new Grand Lodges were constituted which
> process of continuous regeneration is the very life blood and binding
> force of the Craft. >
> WE hold the following ancient Masonic landmarks as the rule and
> guide of the craft by which all masons must abide by and comply with:
> That all Freemasons are obligated only in so far as that
> obligation will not interfere with the duty that they owe to God, their
> country, their neighbors or to themselves. That the Craft is a peculiar
> system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols and its
> aim has been, and will always be, the brotherhood of man under the
> fatherhood of God. And, that Grand Lodges are instituted among
> Freemasons and derive its just powers only from and with the consent of
> the governed.
> > WE hold it to be true that all Masons are created equal, endowed
> with certain unalienable rights such as to assemble in lodges, elect
> officers to govern their affairs, make new Masons according to the ancient
> traditions and landmarks of the Craft, visit lodges, celebrate fellowship
> at festive boards and engage in all activities that traditional Lodges of
> Freemasonry, since time immemorial, have practiced in the pursuit of
> happiness.
> However, human frailties is the enemy of all human institutions
> and through the passage of time, philosophical ideals are enshrined into
> rigid rules and practices that eventually become destructive to the aims
> of the original principles upon which they are based. >
> It is at this juncture that all institutions should be altered and NEW
> ONES INSTITUTED based upon the original principles and ancient landmarks
> of the Craft in order to effect and protect the HONOR, INTEGRITY and
> GENERAL WELFARE of those who are subject to them.
> >
> WE acknowledge that among all human beings, Freemasons willingly
> capacitate themselves to practice the virtue to await a time with patience
> and know fully well that the change in the system of government in
> Freemasonry should not be enacted without due cause. >
> But the reality and in the course of the past and present events, it has
> become inevitably necessary for us to dissolve the political bond which
> have connected us with The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and
> Accepted Masons of the Philippines and assume the powers of Freemasonry,
> that is, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and
> that of the Great Architect has entitled us.
> >
> The geographical situation of the country hinders the efficient and
> regular official visitation by the Grand Lodge of subordinate lodges which
> is the important duty to maintain and improve harmonious relations among
> brethren and that management thereof has been outgrown by its present
> size.
> In the light of these due causes, WE are now compelled to assert our
> rights, as freemen and masons, to abolish our former system of Masonic
> government and institute a new one based and founded upon the original
> principles and ancient landmarks of the Craft. >
> Thus, WE, the Freemasons herein jointly assembled hereby do ordain and
> unanimously declare our independence and institute and constitute THE MOST
> >
> Done in the City of Tacloban, Leyte , Philippines, in the 8 th day of the
> month of July, in the year of our Lord 2006.
> Signed:
> The Worshipful Masters, Senior Wardens, Junior Warden and Bretren of :
> Masonic District RVIII-B
> 1. Makabugwas Lodge No. 47
> 2. Tacloban Lodge No. 221
> 3. Santiago Chua Lodge No. 336
> 4. Ormoc Lodge No. 234
> 5. Sogod Bay Lodge No. 337
> 6. Biliran Lodge No. 337
> Masonic District RVIII-A
> 1. Mt. Huraw Lodge No. 98
> 2. Northern Samar Lodge No. 211
> 3. East Gate Lodge No. 232
> Bro. Nicolas C. Risos, PDGL
> Secretary - Makabugwas Lodge No. 47
> Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Knight of Rose Cross

— There was once a tradition that the pelican feeds its young
with its own blood, hence it has been used as a symbol of sacrifice. The rose is the
ancient emblem of spring. Upon the cross it signifies the resurrection of the sun after
death on the autumnal cross, also signifies man regenerated. The eagle is sex, or
Scorpio, spiritualized. The special emblem of this degree is a pelican feeding her
seven young, on one side of her a rose and on the other side a sprig of cassia; above
her a radiant cross upon which climbs a rose. The pelican feeding her young
symbolizes the sacrifice of material aims to spiritual ideals. Each planet has its evil
side as well as a spiritual quality. The regeneration of all through sacrifice is
indicated by the seven young pelicans partaking of blood, or spiritual sustenance,
from their mother, who represents the universal mother Isis. The rose on the right
signifies the rejuvenating effect of partaking of spiritual nourishment; the cassia on
the left signifies immortality gained; and the radiant rosy cross above is the symbol of
the conscious translation to spiritual realms of those who have sacrificed all their
lower nature to the higher.
The lodge has three apartments. The first represents Calvary, or the autumn of life. It
is lighted with thirty-three candles to indicate full experience under the twelve
zodiacal signs and ten planets through the ten kingdoms of universal life, completing
the cycle of necessity. The thirty-third candle signifies transition to a new cycle.
Eleven lights are placed on each of three pillars six feet high. The number eleven (see
Course 6, The Sacred Tarot) signifies force. It is the force of the sanctified man on all
three planes, corresponding to the sun at the three visible angles, culminating six
hours after rising, setting six hours after culminating, and rising six hours after
passing the nadir, or material point, or plane below man. The second apartment
represents Christ ascending into heaven, and the third apartment represents hell;
symbolizing the relative conditions after death of the sanctified and the evil man.
The purpose of this assembly is said to be the recovery of the Lost Word. The means
of recovery is indicated by the candidate presenting to each of the brethren one pair of
men’s gloves and one pair of women’s gloves and two sticks of sealing wax,
symbolizing united work. The result is referred to as, “The moment when the word
was recovered; when the cubic stone was changed into a mysterious rose, when the
flaming star appeared in all its splendor; when our altars resumed their ordinary
form; when the true light dispelled darkness, and the new law became visible in all
our works.” The cubic stone is physical gratification, which when the Lost Word is
found is transmuted into the rose of spiritual union, revealing the pole star, Truth;
illuminating all mysteries, causing oblation to be made to the soul rather than to the
senses, and work to be performed harmonious with the new laws thus discovered.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thought and Truth: Think for Yourself Man!

It becomes evident that thought is its own reward; that no man can actually profit from the labors of others but must work out his own mental salvation with untiring diligence. The purpose of a great mind is to inspire to accomplishment, but this end is usually frustrated by an adoring multitude who cannot preserve inspiration as an indefinite quality but must become letter worshippers by prostrating their own minds before a superior intellect. It has always been a serious question to me whether Jesus ever actually spoke the words: "If ye love me, keep my commandments," for the statement is clearly out of accord with both divine and human reason and reeks to high heaven with the sanctified odor of pious interpolation. Truth personified might well cry out: "Let him who loves me, seek me himself and discover me in his own way, and I will reward him with myself." In an old alchemical figure is depicted an aged alchemist out with a lantern at night following in the footsteps of wisdom, while in another part of the picture is a group of worldly-wise men huddled together, exchanging their notions with each other and totally oblivious to the spirit of Truth but a few feet distant from them. You who would discover the inner mysteries of life, depart from the concepts of the many. Be not followers of strange gods, but seek Reality according to the impulses of your own higher rationality. Become creative thinkers, not simply followers of blind cults. Admit enslavement to no mind; read the words of the wise, but think for yourself. Attend to the conversations of the learned, but let your conclusions be your own. Be not hasty to condemn, but accept only that which you are capable of reasoning through with the aid of that divine power resident within. Finally remember the words of the Buddha: "I will not believe a thing because any man says it, not even if it be the reputed word of God. I will only believe it when to me it is true."