Monday, July 17, 2006

Ancient Masons

The ancient Masons, or Magi, specialized in acquiring knowledge that would enable
man to live to his highest and make the most rapid spiritual progress. The information
thus gained they passed on to posterity in the language of universal symbolism. In
particular they emphasized these four things:
1. That the soul survives physical death and sometimes communicates with those
still in the flesh. Also that man has faculties by which, while still on earth, he can
explore the inner plane where later he will dwell and prove for himself that
personality survives physical death.
They left instructions for the cultivation of such faculties, and for their use in
acquiring information. The Brotherhood of Light ESP Research Department is
engaged in ascertaining the details of the safest and most effective method of
employing these faculties.
2. That energies from the planets exert an influence over human life and destiny.
The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department is engaged in acquiring
as complete a knowledge as possible of these planetary influences, and of the precise
manner in which they influence human life.
3. That love is a powerful constructive agent. The basic vibratory level on which an
individual functions, now or in the hereafter, is determined by his own dominant
vibratory rate. This dominant vibratory rate is determined by his governing mood, or
Cold asceticism, intellectual activity, and disregard of the welfare of others cultivate
a dominant vibratory rate which enables the individual to contact only lower astral
levels. Family life, including the unselfish affections of parents for children,
provides opportunity for cultivating a high dominant vibratory rate, through which
alone upper astral levels or spiritual realms can be contacted.
Selfishness is the most unprofitable of all things. It chains the individual, until he
replaces it with love, to the animal levels of existence. Feelings engendered by
parenthood, by caring for the weak and helpless, by harmonious marriage, and by
eagerness to contribute to Universal Welfare, raise the basic vibratory rate, and this
alone permits spiritual progress.
4. That thought is a powerful influence to shape human life and destiny. The
Brotherhood of Light Control of Life Research Department is engaged in
determining the most effective way of handling thoughts, feelings and planetary
energies to the end of controlling life and destiny.


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