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Mike McCabe Versus The Grand Lodge Of New Jersey – Part 2
Posted on September 14, 2010 by BeeHive

Here is quote taken from the article: "During the course of the court hearing, the presiding judge asked the attorney representing Grand Lodge a question something along the lines of Is a Masonic lodge entitled to be treated fundamentally fair (by either the Grand Lodge or Grand Master)? The Grand Lodge attorney’s reply was NO. The judged then asked If the members of a Masonic lodge were entitled to be treated fundamentally fair? The Grand Lodge’s attorney responded that the members of a Masonic Lodge “Are not entitled to be treated fundamentally fair”."


Here is one reason a Grand Master thinks he is in the right and not acting tyrannically: "Landmark No. 3 stated:

“The Grand Master…may suspend, at his pleasure, the operation of any rule or regulation of Masonry not a ‘landmark’…suspend the installed officers of any Lodge, and reinstate them at his pleasure, and is not answerable for his acts as Grand Master.”
Again, awesome stuff happening in America, the Land of the Free, except when becoming a Grand Lodge Freemason, then you are an Obligated Slave! LMAO

from BEEHIVE: "Another good reason would be the actions of his Grand Master in regards to his Lodge, Trimble Lodge. That Grand Master forced the three Lodges which met in the same building (worth several million dollars and co-equally owned) to merge. Trimble Lodge was one of the three and was very well endowed thanks to the generosity of several of its deceased members.

Each of the Lodges held meetings and votes were taken. The members of Trimble Lodge and one of the other Lodges voted overwhelmingly against the forced consolidation. After the results of Trimble’s vote was announced, 49-2 against the proposal, the District Deputy acting under the instructions of the then Grand Master, walked up to the East, picked up the Lodge’s Charter and stated that Trimble Lodge was closed."

NICE! The Grand Lodge of Ohio attempting similar shenanigans with us Halcyon guys, but we never were the trusting kind, and acting before they could shut things down in a similar manner.....

More from Brother BEEHIVE:"Instant Suspensions and Instant Expulsions without a Masonic trial by Grand Masters are not in the tradition of Masonic jurisprudence. Neither is pulling charters and closing down Lodges that are vibrant and healthy for purely political reasons. There has to be some recourse to the Brotherhood for relief from out of control Grand Masters who have eliminated all limits on their power. And that recourse has to be something beyond dumping the problem back on the individual members to correct. If a Grand Master can over ride and negate any vote taken by the Grand Lodge acting as a body then he is as entrenched in power as Castro is in Cuba."

This has and is going on all over the country, but silence is the fraternities motto! Not Truth and Justice?

Now, if we could only get the rest of the Craft to wake up, and if DDGM's and other GL Lackey's would stop with status quo
actions, the American Grand Lodge system may be able to salvage some decent men.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Freemasons Making An Impact In Philly!

A blind friend of mine was in Philly over the weekend, and he sent me this note about an encounter with Freemasons in his hotel. My friend knows that I am a mason and that I have problems with the current state of masonry in America. But read to see how this blind gentleman knew they were masons. This is the exchange we had via facebook messaging.


L.Train: I'm at the Down-Town Marriott in Philadelphia and just shared an elevator with a bunch of stinking drunk Masons!!! They're having some convention here--now i understand why you fit in so well with these guys--LOL!!!!

Tubul Cain: Or did not fit in? I did not need the masons to party, that was the problem. I was not looking to party when joining. How'd ya know they were "masons"?

L. Train: Because they said so, and the bell-man confirmed that the hotel was hosting a convention at the hotel.

This conversation was between L.Train and Tubul Cain.

"To preserve the reputation of the fraternity unsullied must be your constant care."

Thanks again to those who keep their passions within due bounds and lead by example!