Monday, September 21, 2009

GOUSA Council of Order, 9/19/2009 @ Halcyon Temple

I hope to be able to express how this weekends Council of Order meeting of the GOUSA impacted myself, the others who attended and the future of Orient Free-Masonry in America.

The idea that men from different obediences can come together without prejudice or segregation.
We had Free Masons from 6 different orders able to meet all on the Level, accomplish an historical business meeting, Alchemically Wed Halcyon and the GOUSA together with the rest of its members, and initiate two quality individuals into a Triangle in Washington DC.

Masons were able to see and feel what Halcyon Temple can mean to Freemasonry and that is was worth the struggles we have faced as a group. From afar, many questioned Halcyons stance to defend their Temple from destruction, but once inside, any True mason would have done the same.

It had a feeling of what it might have been like in 1717, where there were not any Grand Lodges existing yet, to have been able to put forth rules and edicts that seperate masons by terms of regularity or irregularity and beliefs. It truly was wonderful and enlightening. It was wonderful to have men from all over the country congregate at our facility to embark on this journey.

The main thing for me that was accomplished was that the GOUSA cemented the fact American Grand Orient Free Masonry is a 3 degree system only. We will all be Master Masons who meet on the Level, not 32nds, Knigh Templars, KYCH's, Royal Arch Masons and whatever other "High" Grade that has been invented by men to create an unlevel environment. All Higher degrees can be studied for Light, not a Title or point of recognition where some Grand Priory or Grand High Coucil doles out degrees's above Master Mason.

It was fascinating to see, as well as to be a part of the old ritual we conferred on the two aspirants from DC. I could only imagine the impact this ritual would have on a sincere aspirant, and the effect it would have made on a man centuries ago. The trials of the Elements, CoR, cast of characters that are needed to portray this ritual and the willingness of all the brothers to initiate the aspirants was humbling!

Brother Peace and the Brothers of Sirius, who have worked this ritual for awhile, really do a great job and exude a zeal for initiation that was absent in our pasts. This ritual is not for the lazy and disinterested. It takes certain character to be able to stay focused and remain interested in a potential 3-4 hour initiation!

Here is small portion of the group gathering for a photo I took with my cell phone:

It was memorable, and I look forward to future gatherings and the working of different rituals when we come together in the future. The Light that was gained after this weekend can only grow brighter within all who participated and hopefully it will spread to others!

I want to thank all who attended, and also to those who sent postive thoughts to us from afar, it was felt and appreciated.

To my French Brothers, I cannot wait to break bread with you again, and meet with all your brother's from Lafayette 89, Washington, D.C. ,GOdF!

It was great to hear the French accents in the ritual... it was a great addition!

PS: The Spirits of Halcyon surely smiled upon us this weekend!

As it is stated on our Temple: This building is dedicated and consecrated to the Spirit of Freemasonry!

That was accomplished this weekend!
So Mote It Be