Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Knight of Rose Cross

— There was once a tradition that the pelican feeds its young
with its own blood, hence it has been used as a symbol of sacrifice. The rose is the
ancient emblem of spring. Upon the cross it signifies the resurrection of the sun after
death on the autumnal cross, also signifies man regenerated. The eagle is sex, or
Scorpio, spiritualized. The special emblem of this degree is a pelican feeding her
seven young, on one side of her a rose and on the other side a sprig of cassia; above
her a radiant cross upon which climbs a rose. The pelican feeding her young
symbolizes the sacrifice of material aims to spiritual ideals. Each planet has its evil
side as well as a spiritual quality. The regeneration of all through sacrifice is
indicated by the seven young pelicans partaking of blood, or spiritual sustenance,
from their mother, who represents the universal mother Isis. The rose on the right
signifies the rejuvenating effect of partaking of spiritual nourishment; the cassia on
the left signifies immortality gained; and the radiant rosy cross above is the symbol of
the conscious translation to spiritual realms of those who have sacrificed all their
lower nature to the higher.
The lodge has three apartments. The first represents Calvary, or the autumn of life. It
is lighted with thirty-three candles to indicate full experience under the twelve
zodiacal signs and ten planets through the ten kingdoms of universal life, completing
the cycle of necessity. The thirty-third candle signifies transition to a new cycle.
Eleven lights are placed on each of three pillars six feet high. The number eleven (see
Course 6, The Sacred Tarot) signifies force. It is the force of the sanctified man on all
three planes, corresponding to the sun at the three visible angles, culminating six
hours after rising, setting six hours after culminating, and rising six hours after
passing the nadir, or material point, or plane below man. The second apartment
represents Christ ascending into heaven, and the third apartment represents hell;
symbolizing the relative conditions after death of the sanctified and the evil man.
The purpose of this assembly is said to be the recovery of the Lost Word. The means
of recovery is indicated by the candidate presenting to each of the brethren one pair of
men’s gloves and one pair of women’s gloves and two sticks of sealing wax,
symbolizing united work. The result is referred to as, “The moment when the word
was recovered; when the cubic stone was changed into a mysterious rose, when the
flaming star appeared in all its splendor; when our altars resumed their ordinary
form; when the true light dispelled darkness, and the new law became visible in all
our works.” The cubic stone is physical gratification, which when the Lost Word is
found is transmuted into the rose of spiritual union, revealing the pole star, Truth;
illuminating all mysteries, causing oblation to be made to the soul rather than to the
senses, and work to be performed harmonious with the new laws thus discovered.


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