Sunday, May 06, 2012 Twitter

Mr. King has provided new evidence of his inability to publish any accurate information on his website. Even after having been provided factual information from the Cuyahoga County Courts, and information about Halcyon Lodge's military veterans he Tweeted the following:

Twitter user @mashsixMold inquires "Is it true what Masonicinfo says?" King Tweets back " is factual - especially about the bogus Halcyon Lodge!"

He then goes on to link back to his website,, and says "Oh, you poor children. How mature of your "lodge" to be provoking people like this. Is this what you imagine Masonry to be?"

No, we imagined it to be a brotherhood of honorable men dedicated to Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. What we discovered was a bunch of bitter old men, and Ed King engaged in cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying. It was nothing like we imaged at all.

Perhaps in Mr. King's mind his "facts" are very real, at least to him. To the rest of the world, including the courts, government and normal people they represent nothing more than the sadistic rants of a cyber-bully.

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