Sunday, May 06, 2012

Grand Orient USA, Victim of Cyber-Bullies

The Grand Orient USA has become the victim of noted Masonic cyber-bullies Ed King and Christopher Hodapp (author of Freemasons for Dummies). Mr. King uses his Masonic website,, for the purpose of cyber-bullying and character assassination of other Masons and persons.

Mr. Hodapp has allowed Mr. King to use his personal blog, Freemasons for Dummies, as a pulpit from which to harass, bully and provide purposefully misleading information that leads to the character assassination of other persons.

These tactic are being used by both King and Hodapp to discredit and defame the Grand Orient USA in an attempt to destroy the organization. As of late they have begun using the same tactics against Halcyon Lodge, one of the most popular and famous lodges in the United States.

Mr King is a Freemason under the jurisdictions of the Grand Lodge of Maine and the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Neither Grand Lodge has taken any disciplinary action for the these illegal activities. Mr. Hodapp is a member under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. It has taken no disciplinary action against him.

Cyber-bullying is a crime, as is character assassination and other detestable forms of harassment. That Freemasons are openly enraged in this activity and their Grand Lodges allow for it to continue should cause the people of Maine, Massachusetts and Indiana to question the moral integrity of these Masonic institutions.

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