Friday, May 04, 2012

Knights of the North Masonic Scandal

It is now being brought to light that the Knights of the North was formed by EXPELLED Indiana Masons Christopher Hodapp and Jeffrey Naylor. The whole thing was a ploy to get sympathy while they secretly worked with Alain Bauer to try and convince the Grand Orient of France to help them start a new lodge in Indiana.

Many of you may not know that these guys were expelled a few years ago. If you're interested in more details about it, and how they entered into a cabal to defame other Masons in order to get reinstated, you can read my other post.

It's ironic that these same chumps now act so self-righteous about their oaths and obligations when just a few years ago they were plotting and scheming to get revenge on the Grand Master of Indiana that expelled them.

What about honesty? Integrity? Truth? Why not be real men and do what you believe is right? Why not openly stand up for what you believe? (Cowards!)

Instead they go and hide behind the veil of anonymity and openly attack brothers who have the courage to take action and try to bring an end to the corruption in Freemasonry.

This probably tells you all you need to know about the Knights of the North but...

Is it true that Chris Hodapp and his wife belong to the same lodge? How can that be? I thought... errr... never mind. Hodapp is above and beyond the rules that most Masons are told to abide by. He's an exception. So don't follow his lead or you will be expelled because you're not as "special" as he is.

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