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Edward King: Master Character Assassin and Cyber-Bully

"He's SO Grand!" is a character assassination web page created by Edward King on his website Mr. King specilaizes in character assassination and serves the Masonic and financial interests of Chris Hodapp and S. Brent Morris. If you don't belive me - keep reading.  :-)

A PDF copy is provided as evidence.

The Knights of the North

Masonic Character Assassins
Where did the Knights of the North originate? They were formed when Christopher Hodapp and Jeffrey Naylor were all  unceremoniously expelled by edict of the Grand Master of Indiana. During the period when they were expelled they formed the anonymous "Knights of the North" as a means of revenge on the old foggies who had expelled them. They produced the paper "Laudable Pursuit" to make the group appear to have a noble cause and purpose. At the same time they were also secretly talking with Alain Bauer, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France, about starting Grand Orient lodges here in the United States. They received copies of the French Modern Rite rituals and then began to share them with others.

At the same time, Bro. Jeff Peace, was in Georgia pointing out Masonic corruption within the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite - Southern Jurisidction. S. Brent Morris, an employee of the Southern Jurisidction, went looking for allies within the young Mason community. He found ready allies in the expelled Hodapp, Naylor, and Schmitz. In a post to the Scottish Rite discussion forums Morris, Naylor and Hodapp talk about what to do with Peace. Morris replies "Don't worry about Peace, Ed King will take of him in his typical fashion."

What could Brent Morris mean when he says "typical fashion"? It almost sounds like a mafia-like hit being called for. Today, it is clear that Morris was referring to a character assassination campaign, and Hodapp and his co-conspirators were all too eager to participate.

So here we have the core of the Knights of the North conspiring with an employee of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite - Southern Jurisidction, to engage in a smear and character assassination campaign against a regular mainstream Master Mason in Georgia. Is that the "morality" taught by mainstream Freemasonry? Would you want to associate with people engaged in this type of nefarious activity?

Freemasons for Dummies and Idiots

Chris Hodapp wasn't a Masonic scholar, and to the educated Mason he still isn't. His writing of Freemasons for Dummies was a matter of circumstance, not qualification. At the time Hodapp was running an apartment complex in Indiana, and he jumped at the opportunity to write a book.

At about the same time Brent Morris began work on Freemasons for Idiots.

Edward King Sued for Libel and Slander

During this same period Mr. King was sued for libel and slander by Gregory Perry, a Florida resident, and business competitor. Mr. King used his webiste (MasonicInfo) to attack a business competitor with same type of charcter assassination tactics he uses on Masons. This time he was brought to justice. King was forced to remove the content about Mr. Perry and settled out of court for an undiclosed sum.

The Character Assassination Campaign Commences

Working with Morris, Hodapp and others King began an all-out character assassination campaign against Bro. Jeff Peace, which eventually led to him being unceremoniously expelled like Hodapp and his friends had been. Unfortunately, Peace would be used as a tool by their cabal to create an atmosphere of fear within American Freemasonry. It was the beginning of a dark period for the Craft. Freedom of speech was censured, along with freedom of association. It was as if Joseph Stalin had risen from the grave.

The "new" Freemasonry brought about by Hodapp, King, Morris, the Knights of the North, and others was a brotherhood cemented together by fear. No longer were Freemasons free to express their opinions openly, or question what was taking place in the fraternity. Anyone who opposed the cabal would face immediate character assassination.

Every Internet Mason knows what I'm talking about. They have seen it happen to their friends, or in some cases it may have happened to them personally. It's not a fraternity anymore but a cult of fear created to serve the interests of a few angry and hate-filled men.

Halcyon Lodge

Halcyon Lodge is a young and progressive group that admired both the Knights of the North and the Masonic Restoration Foundation. We were already doing the same things as other Traditional Observance Lodges. We wanted to join forces with them until we were told the "rules". First we had to sell our souls to the devil and agree to destroy Jeff Peace. (At the time none of us had even heard of him.) Secondly, we had to take our marching orders from the Knights of the North.

We were appalled by what we had been asked to do. So we contacted Peace to get some perspective. It was then that we realized just how vicious the Knights were, and we immediately backed away from having anything to do with them. Little did we know at the time but in the near future King, Hodapp and the Knights of the North would be attacking Halcyon.

He's SO Grand

Take a good long hard look at this web page and think about its true purpose. Is it providing useful factual information, or is it just a smear campaign?

FACTS: The dates of Grand Masters service is wrong, except for Slifko. He was expelled for violating a treaty. The Grand Orient USA was founded in December of 2005 as the United Grand Lodge of America.

Peace served out the remainder of Slifko's term and then was re-elected to two full terms. Grand Orient USA elections have always been held in either April or May.

Dale Brown was elected at the normal time.

Jeff Peace didn't resign or leave the Grand Orient USA. He began working on the Constitutions for 2012 and helping to get Halcyon Charities better organized.

The Grand Orient of France holds annual elections each September for Grand Officers and the voting members of the Council of the Order. The election is open to all Master Masons, and is one of the most democratic in the modern Masonic world.

The whole page is nothing but propaganda interlaced with character assassinations of good men and Masons.

Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth

Real Freemasonry is about Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. All of these are missing from the website of Mr. King and the actions of Chris Hodapp and the Knights of the North.

At Halcyon we cherish these concepts and will forever fight to preserve them.

To learn more about the real Bro. Jeff Peace visit his personal Masonic blog: Tracing Board.

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