Sunday, May 06, 2012 Sued for Libel and Slander

Edward King, author of the noted Masonic cyber-bullying website, was successfully sued for defamation of character by a business competitor of the author.

Mr. King was sued for libel and slander by Gregory Perry, a Florida resident, and business competitor. Mr. King used his webiste (MasonicInfo) to attack a business competitor with the same type of cyber-bullying and charcter assassination tactics he uses on Masons. This time he was brought to justice. King was forced to remove the content about Mr. Perry and settled out of court for an undiclosed sum.

Mr. King is a Mason under the jurisdictions of the Grand Lodges of Maine and Massachusetts. Neither have taken action to stop his illegal cyber-bullying of other Masons, nor have they acted to discipline him for using a Masonic website for Libeling and Slandering a business competitor for unfair advantage. What does this say about these Grand Lodges? Do they condone cyber-bullying, character assassination, and libel as a moral and ethical standard for Freemasonry?

Mr. King is a member of The Masonic Society, along with Christopher Hodapp. What type of Masonic organization condones behavior like the above. More about The Masonic Society to come.

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