Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Halcyon Lodge and Ingenuity Cleveland "Bal Ingenieux"

Halcyon Lodge and Ingenuity Cleveland
Ed King keeps telling everyone Halcyon is dead, and we don't have any business partners, and none of our members were ever in the US military. Wise-up brothers! He's lying to you. We have members that served in all branches of the armed services, and we are intimately connected to our community and local business. King claims that we won the lawsuit based on a technicality from 1875. We did not win the lawsuit against the Grand Lodge of Ohio based on a legal technicality from 1875, as he claims. The Temple company wasn't even created until 1905, and wasn't formalized until 1930. We won the case in a summary judgement based on simple real estate law. The judge told the Grand Lodge Ohio that he couldn't take property that belonged to someone else and just give it to them because they wanted it. This is a matter of public record.

Fat Eddy and Hodapp the Dummy are playing you. Both Hodapp and King do not allow for any meaningful counter argument on their websites. I've tried and my posts that contain critical information are either deleted or ignored. Their claims are nonsense meant to mislead you. Their supposed facts are based on Photoshop altered documents. It's time someone came out and set the record straight.

Look at what's happening at Halcyon and judge for yourselves. The Grand Orient USA is far from dead, it's growing more every day. The French are still our allies, and we sign more treaties with each passing month. David Tamayo and Alain Fumaz formed a little cabal to try and destroy the Grand Orient USA. They got caught and their plan failed. Stop for a moment and think about it. You will begin to see that you are being deceived by people you think you can trust. Just like Halcyon Lodge was deceived by people we thought we could trust. They had us so fooled that we almost lost our building because of blind trust. Don't make the same mistake.

I've been looking closely at Fat Eddy on Google. Did you know that the majority of his Twitter posts are about the GOUSA? On his Masonic mis-information website he has published more words defaming the GOUSA than he has anti-Masons, yet supposedly his site is "Anti-Masonry Points of View". Does is make you wonder what's really going on? Why is a supposed Mason attacking other Masons instead of defending the Craft from anti-Masons? He has something to hide. He's afraid that you will see behind the curtain, and realize the truth.

We've asked to meet with us in front of a third party arbiter (retired judge) but he refused. If he's being honest then why not bring your proof and let the arbiter decide? Another question you might ask yourselves is "If Ed only posts the 'facts' then why is no one allowed to openly question the integrity of his statements?" He's got something to hide, and more importantly he wants you to fear him. Like all bullies and liars, when caught, they skulk away refusing to produce evidence in support of their claims.

Do we really look dead to you? And, for proof from Halcyon...

Ingenuity Cleveland and Halcyon Lodge is channeling the spirits of the Kokoon Arts Club with its first annual Bal Ingenieux.  This one night only masked ball takes the audience through an amazing journey of performances and interactive installations.

From 1913 to 1946, Cleveland’s Kokoon Arts Club held an annual Bal-Masque known for pushing the limits of the day.  Built in 1931, the Halcyon Lodge was constructed by the Freemasons.  Its mix of auditoriums, ballrooms, and smaller venues makes it perfect for an event that’s part entertainment and part exploration.

Tickets start at $20. All Corporate $1,000 and Premier Level $100 are already sold out. For tickets visit

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