Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dark Side of the Moon and Freemasonry

Halcyon Lodge of Freemasons will be hosting the Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd concert experience on Friday, September 16, 2011, beginning at 7:00 PM. This is the start of a new series of “Halcyon Rocks!” events.

Beyond a tribute, Dark Side of the Moon is a testimonial to the unique music of Pink Floyd and the emotions they stir.

Dark Side of the Moon recreates, to a higher degree, the mystic and terrestrial sounds of the phenomenon that is Pink Floyd.

We offer a pleasant distraction from the mundane. Enjoy a pleasant encounter with those sights and sounds, while Dark Side of the Moon emulates the magical and emotional experiences that Pink Floyd created for so many years.

Close your eyes; it’s like being there again.

Let Dark Side of the Moon reawaken your authentic concert experience or create a new one.

Click here for a little Pink Floyd before the show


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