Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fraternal Bonds Without Territorial Exclusivity

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend and meet Relson Gracie of the famed Gracie Jiu Jitsu Family. What an exceptional man, not only in martial arts, but philosophically and attitude wise. For those not familiar with the Gracie's, here is a link to their family history, http://www.gracie.com/family/tree.html .

The Jiu Jitsu that I am training under is a certified instructor under Relson, and he frequently travels from Hawaii to see his instructors, teach things only he would know and interact with all the students. Talk about a humble man! What a difference meeting basically a Grand Master of a Martial Art that he has been training in for over 55 years, and still calls everyone "my brother", shakes all hands and never wants to be treated any different than the rest of us. How different from Ohio Masonry. The Grand Lodge's minions would hold district meetings just to teach masons how to properly "introduce" masons who refuse to be on the level and want all to know their "Titles". What do these titles mean? Absolutely nothing! How masonry has gone from a group of master masons only, to 33rds, 32nds, Knights, Companions, Deputies, etc.......

Since we have left the Grand Lodge system, we have only run into one ego, and he was dealt with and is gone. It's so refreshing to have the Grand Master call Halcyon and ask what they can do for us, instead of what we have to do for him! Not once, while in the Ohio system, did one Grand Lodge rep ever ask us what they could do for us, always commands and demands. Period! Here, the Grand Master of this discipline was on the ground grappling and showing us technique. He never wanted to be treated differently, he called us brothers and you could tell he meant it.

Gentlemen, there are sooooo many available groups for real that offer true, equal brotherhood; so much so that American Freemasonry is not special any more. They really do not have much to offer any more except a dues card and being told who they can and cannot associate with!? And oh yeah, they also restrict discussion topics too! In America no less?

Ok, well not me though, not while I live and breath on American soil. No electrician who ass kissed his way into a Grand Master's Title could ever restrict my Freedoms that many masons died for in the 1700's.
War Halcyon and the GOUSA! Liberty, Equalty and Fraternity can and are still a masonic creed.

Martial Artists from all over came to "visit" at this seminar. It did not matter from what "organization" one belonged to, it was open to all to come and gain some "knowledge" from a Master. What a different concept from American Freemasonry...
I could just imagine someone saying, you are a clandestine martial artist from another Grand Master, we are not allowed to have martial artist communication with you? LMAO

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What a joke........ Grown men laying claims to sandboxes in the 21st century. Oh well, I know that I have fellow jiu jitsu brothers all over the country and world who will take me in as a brother no matter where I travel as well as Orient Masons worldwide, but not when it comes to the prejudiced, racist, egotistical grand lodge system here in america where isolationism rules the day! And rule the one day making of masons(members only in reality)

What am I missing out on again?

With all my love:


Magus Masonica said...

Well, that is exactly what happened until Bruce Lee broke the mold. He was a Post-Modern who wished to train anyone who sought. He did so regardless of race, class and sex. He taught women alongside men.

He was vilified by the martial arts establishment. he fielded death threats from "Chinese Masters." He in fact almost paid for his progressive attitude with his life.

The lesson in all of this is that it is the revolutionry, the visionary that shakes the world and is remembered throughout time.

Love and Light,

San Diego Freemason said...

Great post Brother 2 Bowl, I especially loved the "clandestine martial artist". You hit the nail on the head.

Freemasonry, as it is practiced by most U.S. Grand Lodges, has absolutely nothing to offer people today.

Some main-streamers recognize this and are trying out T.O. type lodges, and European Concept lodges.

I feel for them and respect their efforts, but I doubt a band-aid will suffice. Fixing a few lodges will not fix the system.