Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, another milestone in Ohio Masonry. The Grand Lodge has rolled out it's marketing plan for 2009. Giant billboards will have been invested in for a public relations program, helping promote the Fraternity and direct persons to the grand lodges website. WHAT SECRET ARE THEY ALLUDING TO TO ATTRACT THE CURIOUS?

My mother in law saw one of these while travelling with my wife, and was puzzled about the "public" recruitment for membership. She is a little old school, and forgot that Masonry today is not the same as her fathers. She remembers all the work I did to become a mason and a Worshipful Master, and then she hears of "one day classes" and public recruitment, and that any part of masonry is for sale: she now understands why they have dropped in prominence and interest in societies leaders. She was also taken aback when she hired a realestate lawyer and he was advertising on his brochure what Lodge he belonged to as well as the shrine. Now masons are advertising masonry in their personal business worlds? Once a NO NO?

My wife learned about Hiram(and the scerets of the "raising") from the TV and of his trials and tribulations.

I hope this mass public displaying of the Square and Compass pays off, but rarely does quantity agenda driven programs deliver quality?

IMHO ofcourse
Is this comparable to those late night TV commercials geared towards a specific client?
Same ole same ole.......


Masonic Traveler said...

sssshhhh, its a secret..

Lots of marketing dollars on that one.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

yes, so beneficial to destitute
masons, widows and orphans. wise expenditure in these economic times.
i'm sure no lodges could have used that kind of money for restoration projects or rehab projects?

oh well, the one day class push will generate instant cash for a return on their investment.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

does a man recieve "the secret" when he joins?

or does the man have to pay dues to another group to get "the secret"?

we receive a "substitute" that has been given a value, to replace the fact that the secret was stolen from the blue lodge without a fight?

what happened to the masonic fighters of old?

pay money and receive "the secret", I wonder what they are pawning off as "the secret"?


San Diego Freemason said...

Thank you for posting this Brother
2 Bowl. It is sad to see the current state of "Freemasonry" today. I appreciate what you are doing to set the record straight.