Monday, December 15, 2008

A Wise Man Once Said.................................

"Every man who is prepared to die rather than renounce TRUTH and JUSTICE is "MOST TRULY LIVING", for Immortality 'ABIDES IN THAT MAN'S SOUL', and to him there can be no DEATH.
To develop such men was the Aim and End of all Ancient Initiation.
It is the Aim and End of PHILOSOPHIC INITIATION and the becoming of one of the BROTHERS OF FREEMASONRY.
Measure all things by REASON and prove them by APPLICATION."


"Dost thou think I would give to the mere pupil, whose qualities are not yet fully TRIED, powers that might change the face of the social world?
The last secrets are instructed "only to him of whose virtue[moral strength and personal responsibility] the Master is convinced."


"It is Labor[personal effort] itself that is the greater purifier of the mind; and by DEGREES the secret will grow upon[will be revealled by the Inner Light] thyself as the mind becomes riper[prepared] to receive them."


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Big Tom the Great and Magnificent said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Very interesting take on life and such. Feel free to continue to follow mine as I will follow yours.

Big Tom