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Why Is There So Much Evil In The World?

Why is there so much of the commonplace in the world? So much of the base and cruel? So much of the viscious and dishonorable? In reverse, so little of the beautiful and spiritual; of inner spiritual humility and native graciousness; so little of lovely kindliness and true fineness of human nature?

This question can be reversed and continued: Why are there so few really "wanted" children born into this world? Children, during gestation, should have all of the human warmth and the heart's love poured constantly over the deveolping embryo, like, if you will permit the homely comparison, "The Really Good Cook Bastes The Roasts In Her Oven And Proves By The Results Achieved, That She IS a Good Cook".

It is not stretching the truth to say that "hardly one out of every ten thousand children is conceived with 'plan and desire aforethought'". The others, that vast army of the unwanted are an "accident", each the result of a moment of seeking satisfaction of physical passion, often induced by an inflamed overy or congested prostate. An ugly statement, but truth with which all physicians are familiar. How can such a conception result in physical, mental and moral soundness and spritual greatness?

Unfortunately, for Humanity as a whole--and this deeply concerns each and every one almost as much as though it Were In Our Own Househould---the remaining nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety and nine are accursed with the gross acculumations of the sins weakness and vices of the parents, who, themselves, because of Ignorance Of The Right Way Out, are weighted down to earth, wholly earthly, and who recoil with a sense of dissatisfaction, if not with downright antipathy, at the very thought of being plagued with an unwanted child. Thus, the coming of one of God's little ones to all too many households is looked forward to with dread and doleful apprehension instead of what might be: THE ANTICIPATION OF A TRULY BLESSED EVENT; THE OPPORTUNITY OF GIVING TO MANKIND AND THE WORLD A TALENTED SOUL TO HELP AND GUIDE HUMANITY TO A GREATER DESTINY.

With this certainity of acualities in mind, is it any wonder that we find so much weakness, sickness, suffering, visciousness, drunkeness, licentiousness, murder and rape among all classes? Is it to be wondered at that we find so little of actual purity, chastity, manhood and womanhood, honor--- and that little understood but much-wanted generosity and craciousness of heart and Soul?

This treatise is prepared for those who up to now, have not believed in Prenatal preparation, or the influence of heredity and who possibly have little faith in God or an "absolute governing law". It is hoped that all these will be reminded rather pointedly of the ever-increasing number of institutions for either the training or imprisonment of the children who cannot be controlled in the home.

Most of these children were born "with"--as part of their make up--the propensity to lie, steal or kill; or lean toward degrading practices and visciousness, all ready to manifest themselves at the slightest provocation. These, now numbering into the millions, are "naturally" criminal. They have not learned of the world of evil by contact. Many of them have never been away from the farm, have lived in small communities, or remote places before being incarcerated in these institutions.


It is necessary TO BE POSITIVE, "and to realize that there is no such thing as chance in the life of man from cradle to the grave." GOD'S LAW "is". IT IS EVER PRESENT AND CONTINUALLY OPERATING. IT IS AS CHANGLESS AS IS THE COURSE OF THE SUN. Were this not true, "then there would be neither God nor Law." This Law is active from the birth of the lowest to the highest form of life, as implied in the creation of "EVERYTHING AFTER ITS KIND."

Another way of saying this is to positively assert: "Everything according to its nature." The fig tree does not produce acorns; nor the apple tree plums. Everywhere there is Law; but man in his blindness either does not recognize its operation, or fools himself by believing that the Law can be circumvented or set aside.

The non-observance of Law, whether as a result of ignorance or defiance, enforces upon its violators the penalty of weakness and sickness; as well as mediocre or even criminal offspring. Observance of Law, not merely in letter, BUT IN THE SPIRIT OF THE LAW and with LOVING OBEDIENCE FOUNDED ON THE HEART'S DESIRE, clothes the newborn with the cloak of near perfection of form, feature, mentality and the possibility of achievement.

At present, the Divine Command "to multiply," the conception of children, with rare exception, IS NOT FULFILLED UNDER THE LAW--is mostly without the observance of a single principle of the Law. There is first, and most regrettable, neither desire nor plan for a child. There is not even a thought of preparation for the body, mind and Soul by either parent. All is left to chance, and, as is often the case with games of chance, "the dice are loaded."

The birth of a truly "loved-child" is, indeed, rare. More often than not, the term is applied in derision to the child born out of wedlock--the so called illegitimate child; but deny it as men will, these children are usually the superior children both in mind and body and, as history proves, have achieved the greatest success. This is not a plea for the birth of illegitimate children, but IS a slur on the millions of legally wedded fathers and mothers whose progeny are inferior. At this point we may well ask mothers, the world over, the question: "How many of "your" children were conceived in affection and brought forth into the world with rejoicing?"

We need not wait for the answer to this question. The answer is all too plainly manifested in the ever-increasing number of the lame, the halt, the blind, the dumb, the idiotic, the drunken, the degenerate and vicious; all of them suffering because, "in most instances", their parents made them what they are through disregard or ignorance of the CREATIVE LAW.

By R. Swinburne Clymer, M.D.

This is a couple of chapters out of the book "Prenantal Culture Creating the Perfect Baby", and within its philosophy about an attempt to teach mankind potential elements that can effect the disposition and constitution of a new being. This similar concept is an underlying theme in CC Zain's "Ancient Masonry". The idea that the "Ancients"(not Antients/Moderns) taught a type of birth control. The symbols of Freemasonry today, could have originally been used to teach this.

Controlling of one's passions?
creating a Temple for a Soul to Inhabit and Grow in?

When at a time when Churches and Monarchy wanted their "subjects" to have as many chilren as possible, so one had more slaves/servants and both more tax payers. This planet was filled with beings created just to create. The mindset of the people living within despotism and tyrannical authorities, created in an environment of "original" sin, guilt and unworthiness. There is a mindset that believes the "entity" which inhabits the body, has existed since time immemorial within the Creative Force/Being. As the VSL tells us, G-d created non physical entities, both good and bad, and could these be looking to inhabit a physical form to act out and divert mankind from their true progress towards Light. Random reproduction "could" set up an environment ripe for non harmonious/beautiful creations of G-d to flourish!?

I believe there is merit behind this concept which goes much deeper. I just touched the surface of this, but do believe it was the teaching of the Village Elders, the Keepers of the Secrets, etc......Our forefathers, if one does not believe the Spirit of Freemasonry strictly was spawned from the Operative Guilds, could find deep meaning behind the idea of Guided Birth Control and limiting the use of G-d's Creative Force, randomly and wantonly. Is there a deeper, more sublime meaning behind our working tools and symbols? Was the "Operative Theory" laid over the Original Spirit and Moral Teachings of an/the Ancient Craft?

I ask, would the world be a different place if only beings were created out of Love and Compassion? Could we take an obligation before inhabiting the Flesh and Blood, to control the Reproductive Forces, but when we FALL from TGAOTU, into the shell of a body, does the flesh create a veil from our Knowledge and Awareness of the Obligation we took before Human Consciousness took precedence? Is that the Blindness masonry speaks of? Maybe Humanity is a "Fraternity", and we DO take an Obligation of the Control of our Reproductive Forces, but "forget" because the Flesh/Material/Senses/Genitals are so dominant here in this plane?

Adam and Eve? An inability to control our Passions once within the Prison of the Flesh? Can the Spirit of Freemasonry be traced back to Adam and the Inability to Control their Physical Passions? Are Cain and Abel the allegorical symbols of the repercussions of different Intent behind reproduction? Cain came from Lust, where Abel came from Love? The fig leaf and apron for the control of the Gerative Forces? Could the Symbols and Spirit of Freemasonry be traced back to Adam, and it being G-d's Law, Illustrated by Symbols for the Men who could not see through the Veil of the Physical Passions? To be taught to the ones who do not exist/live/progress outside the 5 senses of the physical reality for Evolution of the Soul?

This is something I ponder on and wonder what kind of Society we would have if these Laws were ultimatley followed and taught?

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