Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Way The Masonic Wheel Turns

The other night, my brothers and I were at the Pub we attend after our stated meeting. Myself and couple other brothers were standing outside while some had cigarettes, I noticed a pick up truck turn onto the street with what I "thought" was a Shriner symbol on the liscences plate. A young man about our age got out abd entered the pub from a different door. I mentioned to the others that I think that guy is a shriner, so I went to make contact with him. I approached him at the bar like I was approaching a fellow brother, I mentioned I saw his plates and asked what Lodge he heled from, he mentioned a southern ohio town, and I escorted him over to our table were we were sitting, most of us in our black suits, white shirts and black neck ties. I introduced him to some of the brothers and mentioned some are also shriners, he seemed taken aback.

Well, a couple of my brothers went to check his plates and saw it was a Buck on his plate. In the dark,I mistook the antlers as a scimitar.....duh.....
so when I realised he was not mason, and he thought I was talking about a hunting lodge, I apologized and explained that I thought he was a shriner and hence, a brother mason. When I mentioned we were all masons, his eyes lit up! He mentioned he had been thinking of joining for 9 months now, he drove by a specific temple on a regular basis and had thought about stopping in to ask about joining. He asked if it was a problem that he was raised a catholic, I said no, most of us in our lodge were raised catholic. A friend of his said we were a cult, I laughed and said no. we are men who believe in god and are trying to improve ourselves and build fraternal bonds. He felt he needed something spiritual in his world and apparently religion was not doing it for him.
I mentioned did he notice how I and the others were ready to accept him as a brother? That is what freemasonry is about: a universal brotherhood.
He is an attorney who is extremely excited about the prospect of joining. He gave me his card and asked that I follow up with him. I will and we are starting a longer process for an individual to even get a petition. So he is going to have to come around, meet the guys, so the guys who sign his petition KNOW him.

It was a good feeling to be a part of forces that we do not control and bring people into contact with other's randomly. This was a man searching, by chance he ran into a bunch of peers, who are already travelling on the path he is desirous of embarking on.

He also asked if it would be a problem that his girlfriend was black? I said ofcourse not, plus we are one of the few lodges that have black members.

It will be nice to add another attorney to our group and keep bringing in anxiuos young professionals. Men with no prior knowledge of the old boys way of masonic operations. Clean slates.
God bless fate.


Barry said...

lawyers! ... better guard your west gate brother .... bwahahahaha Just kidding I love to get in those lawyer digs!

Traveling Man said...


I have yet to bring anyone into the Fraternity; but have had the pleasure to explain us to the curios.