Tuesday, January 23, 2007



If Masonic Laws - real knowledge of the nature of the Soul and of the destiny both physical and Spiritual of man - had never existed, our present status would indeed, be pitiable in the extreme. But when we demonstrate that this knowledge has existed for ages uncounted, at times only in the secret archives of the Secret Schools, but always at the command of those who sincerely sought, then, there is no longer any excuse for any man to be other than at his best, despite circumstances and environments which tend to enslave and hold in bondage the weak and inert.

Two conditions at the present moment stand squarely in the way of the advancement of all but the few who have seen the Light. First, anarchy and confusion, a defiance of law, a disbelief in God or in the Divine Law and order, the result of selfishness in social relations among all classes. This plight can be overcome in but one way, viz., the recognition of the unqualified equal rights - NOT their equality as they are, but may BECOME - of all men to seek knowledge and Wisdom in their own way, not as a theory, a religious duty or a mere matter of sentiment, but as a necessity in nature, a universal and Divine command. The penalty for the refusal is precisely the conditions under which humanity now struggles and suffers.

The second condition, which gives rise to the "confusion among the workmen" in the building of the social structure and the individual habitation of man, is brought about by the false ideals, inefficient methods of education and a non-classification of the laborers, making of men cogs in a huge machine with the destruction of incentive. Add to this the almost total ignorance concerning the finer forces, potentialities and innate Wisdom possessed by man, and the absence of all efforts to bring these latent forces into manifestation until these Divine inheritances are well-nigh starved to death, and only the physical and intellectual part of man survives. What must be the result? Barely one individual in a million has the hardihood to call his Soul his own, to possess an opinion different from the mass, or the desire and willingness to make the effort to seize opportunity toward real advancement in the evolution of the higher forces and powers innately possessed, and become the man Nature and the Divine Law intended him to be.

Once the struggle for bare existence involved the need for the greater part of the energy, time and opportunity at man's command; but this is no longer true. The struggle is more bitter than ever, but this is due in part to class friction and partly to misunderstanding and the desire for luxuries which in themselves have little or no intrinsic value, and are mostly nonbeneficial, but often detrimental and leave the combatant weaker but not wiser.

As long as man is thus blind to his own interests, he will never discover the real meaning of life nor the actual purpose of human existence; much less does he realize the power he might have manifested of the good he might have accomplished, and thereby he misses the happiness he might have obtained. This much may be discerned from physical evolution alone and from the study of the human brain, wherein there is a continually increasing portion of gray substance set free from the functions incidental to the preservation of the physical structure, primarily designed to be appropriated to a separate and higher purpose. Mere intellectual activities alone, connected with the physical plane, with the maintenance and enjoyment of life, will not explain the slow but certain cerebral development in awakening man.

It is only when man divides his time properly - giving a part to necessary labor; another part to rest and recreation, pleasant and beneficial; and devoting the third part to self-improvement and the awakening of his Higher Self and his latent forces in accordance with the Divine Law - that he may become the balanced being the Creator intended him to be, no longer the pawn in the hands of egomaniacs or the forces of fate. This is the rational and natural philosophy taught by the Initiates and Master Teachers of the Secret Schools.


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