Monday, September 25, 2006

Another Great Raising with My Prince Hall Brothers

Well brethren, I attended another Prince Hall raising on Saturday,9/23 and again it was a memorable event. I really like the idea of bringing masons in as a class, multiple candidates. It is always advantageous, IMHO, to go through an experience with peers. The trials and tribulations these particular PH candidates experience is pretty traumatic compared to the MS systems of progression through the gates. Everyone probably feels that there is a certain part of the MM degree that is more important than another, but my experience at the PH raising, they feel the most important part of the degree is the going through the gates. They make the situation as real as possible, and very trying on the candidates psyche. For that brief period of time, their candidates really experience the feeling of rfns trying to extrt something from them, really experience fidelity and the repercussions of holding firm. I know the men we bring in would probably have offered anything up as a scrt of a mm, just to survive.
I love the differences in the ritual of the transition from 1st sect to 2nd sect, the incident that transpires, I've never seen in our MS procedures, and the affect of it is awesome. The lecture, charge and symbolism explanation is done in a 1st class manner.
I noticed no introductions of 33rd's and KYCH's, which I am all in favor of. The PM's are given the most respect and as a visiting PM, the hospitality and respect is flattering and honoring. At refreshment, a full meal was prepared by the OES, myself and fellow brother sat at the head table with the sitting master's of the various Blue Lodges participating in the raising, and the candidates served us and semi waited us. The other brethren went through a line to serve themselves, but the candidates, with humility, had no problem taking care of the master's and visitors. A few hundred dollars was collected from passing the hat around for the stars effort.
We then returned for the lectures and charges, which were phenomenal. I followed along in my ritual book, and they have a 20 minute extra part to the charge which is not in my book. Things were done by memory, the portrayal of the degree was second to none, the fellowship was more than what we experience when visiting other MS lodges, and it is because of this that I have problems circumscribing my desires and keeping my passions within due bounds in regards to recognition because of race. How any mason and GL can and does get away with NOT recognizing PH masons because of color is beyond my comprehension. Men, with two arms and two legs, two eyes and two hands, who practice the same masonry we do, have to rely on small minded men for "recognition" or labeled "regular" and be considered equal. The rest of American masons are not saying you have to go to their lodges and intermingle, but "recognition" should be as universal as the way one becomes a MM. Because of my experiences and relations with the Ph's, I would be apt if visiting the states were recognition has not migrated to yet, to visit or call upon the PH's of those states than the MS GL's. Even if I would be in "violation" of my GL codes, I would rather show brotherhood and acceptance to the "underdog/minority" group, because I have problems with ego maniacs and control freaks. I would not be able to sit down with men who would not allow recognition, accept the decision of that policy from their GL. At some point, doing the right thing should outweigh clinging to a membership. Maybe it is easier for me because I have walked away from wrong actions and have taken stands. My integrity is more important than being a member of something. Trying to right wrongs is worth any repercussion, whether being banned from gradeschool Masonic forums or taking on the wrath of my GL for standing up for justice. I've offered up my dues card to a DDGM before, taking a stand on BS actions and ways.
I look forward to more fellowship with my PH brothers, and look forward to visiting Fla, and attending a PH meeting to find out what those repercussions will be due to their non recognition status. I hope it will put someone in an unpleasant predicament to take actions against me for sitting in an unrecognized lodge. I need to plan my next trip to Fla. Oh, and by the way, I will avoid traveling through NC and spending any of my hard earned money in their state as my own little boycott of racists GL states.

To my PH hall brethren, thank you so such for an incredible experience in masonry, I can't wait till we meet on the level again!
So Mote It BE!

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