Wednesday, August 30, 2006

GL F&AM, PHAGL, AF&AM, And Other Alphabet Soup Systems

GL F&AM, PHAGL, AF&AM, And other Alphabet Soup Systems
Thinking about this recognition/regular/clandestine/irregular Masonic Divisive BS:

I associate with Prince Hall Masons, been to raisings and Blue Lodge fish fry with them. A Prince Hall Brother works at the VA hospital where I have an account, he and I have fellowship quite often.
Now, there is another black gentleman who works there as well, who is a mason, but not a Prince Hall Mason. He is not that well informed about his system, but seems to go under International AF&AM or something or another, but is not recognized by prince hall's.
the 3 of us will sit and talk masonry, have fellowship as 3 brothers, recognition and system does not come into play,we treat each other as equals, on the level, and we can't understand why they(PHA and AF&AM) don't intermingle and open up the brotherhood.

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