Tuesday, May 02, 2006

DOT LINE CIRCLE: An Ancient Symbol?

One interpretation of many for the Symbol of the Dot within a Circle with a Line extending from the Dot to the Circle.
A different Symbol of the Trinity.
Circle=Man,Physical Universe

Philosophically condidered, the descent of the rational nature of man into its irrational body is involution; the resurrection of the rational nature from this condition of immersion, evolution. The physical universe is the sphere of ignorance where each creature is at its worst in that it has forgotten the best within itself. So thick and numerous are the veils of the rings that the light of spirit is obscure until but a dim haze bears witness of its defulgence.
It naturally follows that the accomplishments in the physical world is the greatest of all accomplishments, for it is under the most difficult of all situations. Here is the key to the story of the prodigal son, who represents the incarnating soul. The pigsty where he must eat and sleep with the hogs represents one ancient patriarch's concept of the physical universe. When at last the prodigal, having repented of his iniquities and having seen the folly of material existence, returned to the house of his Father(the light-world), the fatted calf was killed in his honor, for his accomplishment was great. Jealous of the attention bestowed upon the improvident youth, the elder brother made his disatisfaction known to his Father, who replied that there was ample cause for rejoicing in that the lost had been found and the dead lived again. The story carries the same thought permeating Egyptian philosophy: namely, that life in the mortal sphere without a realization of the Divine Plan is the true death; That resurrection from this state is the most desired of all attainments. Yet to rise victorious from the dark world of hopeless involvement is an accomplishment so noble that it elevates the conquering soul to a dignity exceeding that of the angels who are never confronted with this problem.

The Egyptian Pharaohs carried three scepters symbolic of their authority from the Demiurgus: The Anubis-headed staff, symbolic of the priesthood and the authority of the World Lord over the souls of men; and the flail, symbolic of he mastery which the Demiurgus exercises over the bodies of all creatures.
Returning to the Dot,Line,Circle symbolism, the Anubis-headed staff is symbolized by the dot, the shepherd's crook by the line, and the flail by the circle. These are representative respectively of rulership through wisdom, rulership through faith, and rulership through force. Thus the dot is now termed governemnt. It was once the crown, but now so large a part of government is administered by the people that crown can only be used in its abstract sense. The dot, however, signifies government by the state. The line is the tiara, or government by the church, and the circumference is the people who are the beneficiaries of government. Thus we find three trmendous forces continually focussed upon the objective life of man, and the perversion of these forces constitutes the threefold fountain-head of evil as opposed to threefold fountain-head of light. Through the perversion of government we have ignorance; throught the perversion of the church, superstition; and through the perversion of the people, fear. Thus come into existence the great Masonic trio of evils: ignorance, superstition, and fear, the murderers of human liberty and the detsroyers of the understanding.


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