Sunday, May 13, 2012

Masonic Character Assassination in Arizona

The Freemason blog Masonic Leaks just published information about corruption and character assassination in the Grand Lodge of Arizona. I'm not at all surprised. American Freemasons are surrendering freedom to dictatorships every day. The Morgan Affair of 2012 is well under way.

According to Masonic Leaks "This was also the year we witnessed the Character Assassination of a duly elected Deputy Grand Master, Brother Mike Meier in order that the Grand Master circumvent the vote of the Grand Lodge and move his appointees into the top positions. By his own authority he illegally suspended the deputy Grand Master and with the help of the most recent PGM, illegally installed his new line, which brings me back to my dilemma. How do I vote at Grand Lodge for the good of the Order?"

To read more from Masonic Leaks about Arizona visit

Like a growing number of Masons I'm so happy to no longer be associated with mainstream American Freemasonry and its unethical actions. Every day I enjoy the freedoms and privileges of real Free-Masonry under the good ol' Grand Orient USA.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Morgan Affair of 2012

President John Quincy Adams, letters on the Masonic Morgan Affair
Pres. John Q. Adams
As I mentioned earlier Bro. Fred Milliken wrote an interesting and disturbing article entitled Is Mainstream Masonry Primed For Another Morgan Affair? I believe that American Masonry has already entered into the Morgan Affair of 2012. It could be argued that this began as early as 2005 but it has now reached a point where people's lives are being impacted.

In 1826 William Morgan was wrongfully arrested and then kidnapped by mainstream American Freemasons. It is believed that he was also murdered by them because he was never heard from again.

The cover-up by mainstream Freemasons that followed is well recorded by historians and President John Quincy Adams. According to Adams "corporate Freemasonry" used its power and influence to strike fear in the hearts of witnesses, buy off judges, and make a mockery of the American judicial system. His letters regarding the Morgan Affair are available free online.

In 2012 one Mason has died, and multiple other Masons have been expelled by state Grand Lodges in what appears to be a massive cover-up of real estate and financial fraud. A character assassination campaign has begun, led be Grand Lodge of Maine Freemason, Edward King, in attempt to cover-up the wrongful acts of the state Grand Lodges. All of this sounds eerily similar to the events of 1826.

The Grand Orient USA, a reform group of Freemasons, has been defamed by King and Christopher Hodapp, the author of Freemasons for Dummies. Misleading and false information is being published to discredit the reformers while others continue to loot the fraternity of its assets.

The above post to the Freemasons for Dummies blog, run by Mr. Hodapp. is example of the misinformation campaign. In the post Mr. Accuosti states that mainstream Freemasons are not interfering with the Grand Orient USA's attempts at reform, while at the same time he is well aware that Ed King is publishing massive character assassination and defamation web pages related to the group and its leadership. His statement is at best disingenuous and at worst indicates his own personal involvement in the affair.

What kind of reforms is the Grand Orient bringing to American Freemasonry?
  1. Financial accountability
  2. The recognition of women as Freemasons
  3. The creation of mixed-gender and all female lodges in addition to the existing male only lodges
  4. Abolished blood curdling oaths and fanatical obligations
  5. Returning Freemasonry to a moral, responsible civic organization
Who would be opposed to these reforms and why? 

Good men and Freemasons are being attacked for speaking out about the corruption in mainstream American Freemasonry. Character assassination and misinformation are being used in an attempted cover-up. Will American Freemasonry survive the Morgan Affair of 2012?

Correction: Knights of the North

In an attempt to keep the information provided here as accurate as possible I need to issue a correction.

In two articles below I stated that Eric Schmitz had been expelled. This appears to have been incorrect, and I have edited the materials to reflect this change in understanding of the facts.

Also, due to a misreading of an email there was a slight error regarding the origins of the Freemasons for Dummies book. This has been corrected.

I will continue to update the articles to reflect the facts as best I can.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Halcyon Temple Comes to Life!

After years of restoration Halcyon Temple returned to its former glory for the City of Cleveland at the fabulous Bal Ingenieux. The event was sold out, with some tickets going for as much as $1,000. It showcased the temple and restored the vital connection between Freemasonry and the arts.

Halcyon Lodge is the premier Masonic lodge in the City of Cleveland, Ohio. It is also one of the most famous and popular lodges in the world. Since 1875 it has set the standard for Masonic progress and innovation. At Halcyon we're building the future of American Freemasonry today.

Follow this link to see some of the amazing  photos from the event. An HD video is also in the works, thanks to dadada Media.

Sunday, May 06, 2012 Twitter

Mr. King has provided new evidence of his inability to publish any accurate information on his website. Even after having been provided factual information from the Cuyahoga County Courts, and information about Halcyon Lodge's military veterans he Tweeted the following:

Twitter user @mashsixMold inquires "Is it true what Masonicinfo says?" King Tweets back " is factual - especially about the bogus Halcyon Lodge!"

He then goes on to link back to his website,, and says "Oh, you poor children. How mature of your "lodge" to be provoking people like this. Is this what you imagine Masonry to be?"

No, we imagined it to be a brotherhood of honorable men dedicated to Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. What we discovered was a bunch of bitter old men, and Ed King engaged in cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying. It was nothing like we imaged at all.

Perhaps in Mr. King's mind his "facts" are very real, at least to him. To the rest of the world, including the courts, government and normal people they represent nothing more than the sadistic rants of a cyber-bully. used to Attack Cancer Victim's Family

Ed King, the author of, posted a vicious character assassination page about Master Mason David Cooksie, painfully taunting him about his elderly mother's battle with terminal breast cancer. Mr. King continued to cyber-stalk and cyber-bully Bro. Cooksie until his death in April 2012.

What kind of man and Mason was David Cooksie? He was the kind of person that cared about people. He was one of the kindest and most gentle people I've ever met. He loved Freemasonry and committed much of his life to his lodge and the other Masonic bodies in Birmingham. His work with the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, led to the city's breast cancer awareness campaign. He was an active member of the Scottish Rite (32' KCCH), York Rite and Shrine.

Bro. Cooksie's frail health situation continued to decline as the cyber-attacks from Mr. King increased in their vitriol and viciousness. Before his untimely death Bro. Cooksie contacted the Grand Lodge of Maine seeking relief from the constant emotional bombardment issuing from King's website. Sadly, little assistance came. The Grand Secretary of Maine made King remove the sentences discussing his mother's battle with breast cancer, but that was all.

Those of us who knew Bro. David are convinced that the cyber-bullying by Ed King played a role in his deteriorating health, and eventual death. No one should have to go through what this brother suffered at the hands of a sadistic cyber-bully.

What does this say about King? Perhaps more importantly, what does is say about the Grand Lodge of Maine and mainstream Freemasonry? Why didn't the champions of mainstream Freemasonry such as Chris Hodapp do something to stop this before it was too late? Did they care? Were they in agreement with King?

Men of good moral character don't sit idly by and allow these events to happen. This should cause every good and decent Freemason in the country to hang their heads in shame.

Freemasonry Franchise

When representatives of Halcyon Lodge met with officials from the Grand Lodge of Ohio, just prior to the lodge leaving the system, they were told some very interesting things. Before the meeting they were notified to bring the lodge's Charter along with them. At the meeting they were asked to read the Charter. It was then explained to them that Freemasonry is a "franchise" just like Burger King or McDonalds, and that the Charter was our franchisee agreement.

We had never thought about Freemasonry as a franchise because to us it was a fraternity dedicated to brotherly love, relief and truth, but maybe they were right? If so, we were becoming more convinced by the day that our lodge would be much better off as a franchisee of another company.

As it turned out we left the franchise Freemasonry of the Grand Lodge of Ohio and became a real Masonic lodge under the Grand Orient USA. More importantly, we're glad we did because our lodge has been more successful since leaving the Grand Lodge franchise than it had been since the 1960's.

Grand Orient USA, Victim of Cyber-Bullies

The Grand Orient USA has become the victim of noted Masonic cyber-bullies Ed King and Christopher Hodapp (author of Freemasons for Dummies). Mr. King uses his Masonic website,, for the purpose of cyber-bullying and character assassination of other Masons and persons.

Mr. Hodapp has allowed Mr. King to use his personal blog, Freemasons for Dummies, as a pulpit from which to harass, bully and provide purposefully misleading information that leads to the character assassination of other persons.

These tactic are being used by both King and Hodapp to discredit and defame the Grand Orient USA in an attempt to destroy the organization. As of late they have begun using the same tactics against Halcyon Lodge, one of the most popular and famous lodges in the United States.

Mr King is a Freemason under the jurisdictions of the Grand Lodge of Maine and the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Neither Grand Lodge has taken any disciplinary action for the these illegal activities. Mr. Hodapp is a member under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. It has taken no disciplinary action against him.

Cyber-bullying is a crime, as is character assassination and other detestable forms of harassment. That Freemasons are openly enraged in this activity and their Grand Lodges allow for it to continue should cause the people of Maine, Massachusetts and Indiana to question the moral integrity of these Masonic institutions. Sued for Libel and Slander

Edward King, author of the noted Masonic cyber-bullying website, was successfully sued for defamation of character by a business competitor of the author.

Mr. King was sued for libel and slander by Gregory Perry, a Florida resident, and business competitor. Mr. King used his webiste (MasonicInfo) to attack a business competitor with the same type of cyber-bullying and charcter assassination tactics he uses on Masons. This time he was brought to justice. King was forced to remove the content about Mr. Perry and settled out of court for an undiclosed sum.

Mr. King is a Mason under the jurisdictions of the Grand Lodges of Maine and Massachusetts. Neither have taken action to stop his illegal cyber-bullying of other Masons, nor have they acted to discipline him for using a Masonic website for Libeling and Slandering a business competitor for unfair advantage. What does this say about these Grand Lodges? Do they condone cyber-bullying, character assassination, and libel as a moral and ethical standard for Freemasonry?

Mr. King is a member of The Masonic Society, along with Christopher Hodapp. What type of Masonic organization condones behavior like the above. More about The Masonic Society to come.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Real Freemasonry - Real Masonic Reform

A few months back Bro. Fred Milliken wrote "Is Mainstream Freemasonry Primed for Another Morgan Affair?" It openly discusses the present fear-based Masonic system run by the state Grand Lodges, and how that it is in opposition to the much venerated Masonic principle of tolerance. One might say the present mainstream system is the opposite of Freemasonry.

Are you tried of the corruption in American Freemasonry? Do you believe that Freemasonry should be based on friendship instead of fear? Do you value personal liberties and freedom of speech? If so, real and meaningful Masonic reform and renewal has begun.

Bro. Rich Graeter's essay Reform Freemasonry is the cornerstone of a growing movement among Freemasons across the United States. It offers the hope of a bright future where Masons will no longer need to hide behind aliases on the Internet. You will be free to openly discuss the things that are important to you. No longer will you be threatened with your membership by District Deputies or told what to do by the fascist-like groups of Masonic fanatics that report your activities to their superiors.  You will finally have the opportunity to freely seek out the Light without fear of reprisal. It's the promise of real Freemasonry put into action.

The Grand Orient USA has adopted all the principles and ideas laid out in Bro. Graeter's essay, and he has established an Advisory Board to oversee the implementation of the new Masonic system. Teams of Masons from across the country are being formed to build-out the different parts of the new organization. Everyone from technology professionals to academics are being brought on board to help solve the problems faced by our fraternity today.

This is the first time since the Baltimore Convention of 1843 that American Masons have become determined to reform the Craft and ensure its survival.

In the coming days and weeks I will be exposing the lies and corruption of the present system, and discussing how the reform movement is making the changes necessary for the future of Freemasonry in America.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Knights of the North Masonic Scandal

It is now being brought to light that the Knights of the North was formed by EXPELLED Indiana Masons Christopher Hodapp and Jeffrey Naylor. The whole thing was a ploy to get sympathy while they secretly worked with Alain Bauer to try and convince the Grand Orient of France to help them start a new lodge in Indiana.

Many of you may not know that these guys were expelled a few years ago. If you're interested in more details about it, and how they entered into a cabal to defame other Masons in order to get reinstated, you can read my other post.

It's ironic that these same chumps now act so self-righteous about their oaths and obligations when just a few years ago they were plotting and scheming to get revenge on the Grand Master of Indiana that expelled them.

What about honesty? Integrity? Truth? Why not be real men and do what you believe is right? Why not openly stand up for what you believe? (Cowards!)

Instead they go and hide behind the veil of anonymity and openly attack brothers who have the courage to take action and try to bring an end to the corruption in Freemasonry.

This probably tells you all you need to know about the Knights of the North but...

Is it true that Chris Hodapp and his wife belong to the same lodge? How can that be? I thought... errr... never mind. Hodapp is above and beyond the rules that most Masons are told to abide by. He's an exception. So don't follow his lead or you will be expelled because you're not as "special" as he is.

We must work from within...

mainstream Masons loot the Masonic fraternity
"We must work from within mainstream Freemasonry to fix it" has been the plea of men such as Chris Hodapp and Edward King, and groups like the Knights of the North, while all along the looting of Masonic funds and real estate continues from within. The latest news from New York is that another Grand officer has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. This is just one in a long and growing list of similar events throughout mainstream Freemasonry.

Just a few years ago two Master Masons under the Grand Lodge of Kentucky were expelled by the Grand Master for questioning the finances at the Kentucky Masonic Home. The Boston Herald reported that up to $1.5 million dollars had been embezzled from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Multiple Arkansas Masons have been expelled in a purge by the Grand Lodge, after questioning financial and real estate dealings. (This issue is now in court.) The Orlando Sentinel reported financial misconduct at the headquarters of the Shrine in Tampa. Then there was the seizing of a lodge and all its assets in New Jersey reported by Bro. Fred Milliken. This is just a short list of some of the events that have been made public. How much else lies hidden away? How many other Masons have been expelled for asking questions, and then just left without saying a word?

The intelligent Mason might start to ask some reasonable questions at this point. "Are those who tell us to work from within a part of a larger cover-up of corruption?"

I have first hand experience dealing with the corruption. Our lodge was almost the victim of a corrupt real estate scheme by high ranking Masons. It's a very real and damaging problem for American Freemasonry.

If we objectively look at what's taking place in the Craft we see that there are a handful of Internet Masons that rail against those brothers who come forward to report the corruption. They use character assassination and mis-information to derail any meaningful discussion of the problem. We all know who they are but do we know and understand their motives? They claim to be working in the best interest of Masonry, but how is covering up fraud, collusion, extortion, and embezzlement helping preserve Freemasonry? How does silencing the discussion when good brothers are expelled for asking questions about the finances benefit American Freemasonry?

Have we allowed all the good moral men and Masons to be expelled or declared "clandestine" by those who are at the heart of the corruption?

It seems to me that following Ed King, Chris Hodapp and the Knights of the North has only accelerated the corruption. They try to stop us from asking the hard and necessary questions, and openly attack those who do.


"Well ain't it a shame 'bout our short little memory
We never seem to learn the lessons of history
We keep making the same mistakes - over and over and over and over again
And then we wonder why we're in the shape we're in"

- The Eagles, Long Road Out of Eden